Quick Military Press Tip for Faster Gains

Quick Military Press Tip for Faster Gains



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What’s up Guys,

It’s Mike Chang with Sixpack Shortcuts, and today I just wanted to give you a quick tip on the proper form when doing your MILITARY PRESS. This is a real quick one today, you don’t need to write anything down but you’re definitely going to want to pay attention. It’s tips like this one that I’m about to share with you today that will give you the unfair advantage over your friends and the other guys at the gym – You’ll be on your way to the body of your dreams on NO time!

Video Breakdown:
0:08 Here’s a good example of what I see most guys doing at the gym.
– When doing a military press you work your triceps, traps, upper back and of course your shoulders.

0:43 There’s a lot of different ways to do these presses, but I found that the way that works best for me is a little different:

0:57 Move your elbows slightly forward when doing this movement.
– Now what you’re doing is allowing your back to relax by putting it on an incline.
– This technique also allows the majority of the weight to be distributed to your shoulders and not any of your secondary muscles that support this movement.
– Especially if you use a support on your back when doing this, it’s really easy to turn this military press into an extreme incline press – Pull your elbows forward!

2:35 Try this out the next time you’re working shoulders.
– You may find that you have to ease up on the weight at first, this is expected because you’re now using less of your back and more of your shoulders.
– After a couple times you’ll begin to notice your weight going back up and your shoulder looking beast!

3:05 I’ve been doing this way for a while now and haven’t gone back to the old way since. This is the ideal form when doing your military presses instead of faring your elbows back.

So, I hope you enjoyed this tip and find it useful to apply to your next shoulder day. For more tips like this one, workouts where they can be applied and diet / nutrition, come back and check us out each week. Don’t forget to leave your comments below and as always, keep those progress pics coming in!


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