Monster Mass Tricep Workout

Monster Mass Tricep Workout



Build Muscle Fast:

In today’s video, we are going to hit triceps hard so you can put on some major mass. Make sure you warm up with me before pushing crazy weight to avoid injury. And this workout is going to get you one step closer to the muscular body of your dreams, so let’s get it done!

Workout breakdown:

1-2 Warm Up on Close Grip Bench

3 Sets- Close Grip Bench – 6-10 Reps

**be careful when you are pushing heavy weight, because it can lead to bad form

5 Sets- Dumbbell Tricep Extension 12 Reps

5 Sets Skull Crushers 12 Reps

5 Set Tricep Kick Back 12 Reps


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How do I know it really works?

I am going to be honest, my body used to hate muscle… no matter what I did I just couldn’t put on muscle and I was stuck with skinny spaghetti arms, it sucked. It wasn’t until I discovered this ONE “trick” that reprogrammed my body to build muscle, that I achieved the muscular body I’ve always wanted.

Could this “trick” be the answer to all your fitness problems?

You deserve to know:

Train hard,


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