Men Over 40: 2016’s NEW YEAR’S GIVEAWAY Is For You!

Men Over 40: 2016’s NEW YEAR’S GIVEAWAY Is For You!



Boost your testosterone and get the six pack you want:

Hey guys, this is the official “Abs After 40” workout program launch week!

So for any of you guys who are under the age of 40, be sure to head on over to the Insane Home Fat Loss YouTube channel to get your fix on killer workouts, nutrition and weight loss advice and as for you guys 40 and up – This week it’s just you and me!

In this video, I’m going to tell you what free stuff we’ll be releasing this month. And I take you behind the scenes for a look at one of my favorite hobbies…racing classic cars. As in, cars which have NO POWER STEERING!

That’s one of the things that motivated me to get in shape…being able to enjoy physically demanding hobbies like this even at my age. And if you’re an older guy who want to lose his belly fat so you can start enjoying life more, you are going to LOVE the videos we’re going to upload in the next few weeks. Make sure you subscribe to the channel now, to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

So now, let me tell you why I am so excited about this program launch – This workout system that our team developed is the first program in fitness history that is designed to literally support and BOOST your testosterone production level – That’s right. The specific exercises that are within my program are structured for men 40 and up for this very reason: Men in this age range do not have the heightened T-levels needed in order to sustain lean muscle and keep excess body fat at bay; which is why men 40 and up have the hardest time keeping the belly fat low and the muscle mass maintained – But I’ve changed all that with my workout program.

The Abs After 40 program is a 90 day system that is broken up into 3 phases. Each phase consists of 4 in-home workouts along with 1 “advanced” gym training session that I encourage ALL of you guys out there 40 and up to include but of course, it’s not mandatory…

And in regards to revving up your testosterone levels, in this video I am actually going to be taking you through a day in the life of a driver.

You guys are going to see how one of my favorite hobbyies, aside from working out of course, actually requires endurance, stamina and extreme focus – the same fitness attributes that you guys will be building within the Abs After 40 workout system… So without further ado… Gentlemen, start your engines – Abs After 40 week has officially begun!

You see, driving professionally requires a certain level of fitness. Turning the wheel with no power steering is no cake walk, fellas. And neither is remaining laser beam focused with hand-eye coordination.

Now as you can tell, there is a lot more to sitting behind a steering wheel than what meets the eye… Be sure to stay tuned in for tomorrow’s video where I hit you guys with 3 must-know truths on how to get flat abs over 40!

Get the lean, flat stomach you want in record time:

Thanks for tuning in this week guys. I can’t tell you enough how thrilled I am for all of my followers who are over the age of 40… You know, when I was in my late 40’s, I was in the worst condition in my life. I had saggy skin, excess body fat, low energy and practically no libido what so ever… It wasn’t until the discovery of this natural T-boosting system that I was finally able to get the body that I had always wanted. I might be 52 years old but I got to tell ya, this is the best I’ve looked and felt in decades…

If you are ready to transform your body today, click here:

See you fellas there!


PS: Don’t forget to let all of your buddy’s know about the new program that was designed for guys just like you and me… We’re going to be giving away a couple sweet bonuses to the guys who stay tuned in up to launch day of my Abs After 40 program (January 4th), so don’t forget to share this link:

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