Lose Weight Fast: Your Post-Holiday Pig Out Plan — With Thomas DeLauer

Lose Weight Fast: Your Post-Holiday Pig Out Plan — With Thomas DeLauer



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Hey guys, Thomas here today to give you a few of my simple tricks that you can do if you let yourself have maybe a bit too much fun with holiday food this past month. The new year is here which means it’s time for the new you.

Video Breakdown:

0:55 – First of all, you need to get to the gym and do a full body glycogen depleting workout. Perform various exercises that target each individual muscle group within the body – try to do 3 sets per muscle group. This will accelerate the burning off of all of the excess carbs that you may have consumed during the holiday season.

1:50 – After your done with your full body session, it’s a good idea to replenish your body with the appropriate amount of carbs.

2:24 – The next thing that you should do is take some chromium. It’s a trace mineral that will allow your body to process or burn carbs much more effectively. This will greatly accelerate your fat loss efforts.

3:19 – Next, add some cayenne pepper to each meal. There is science behind adding this; It can stimulate the metabolism about 15% to 20%!

4:06 – Lastly, I highly suggest looking into intermittent fasting. Allow your body to detox and cleanse after the holiday binge by giving yourself a 6 to 8 hour window in which you do not feed it – this forces your body to run on the fuel that it already has (aka your body fat stores) which can drastically speed up the weight loss process and get your metabolism regulated for fat loss.

5:52 – And I want to mention, don’t let yourself dwell on the fact that you may have fallen off the wagon during the holidays – Use this phase to jumpstart your weight loss efforts going into 2016.

How normal guys get shredded:

Thanks again for tuning in this week, guys. If you’re like me, trying to get back into the swing of things right after the holiday season is not easy. Especially if you gave into food craving temptations on a few more occasions than you would have liked… But the good news is, I have a few simple techniques that you can do at home that will heighten your metabolism and trigger rapid calorie loss.

To discover my simple belly-fat burning tricks, check this out:

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