Killer Lower Ab Workout

Killer Lower Ab Workout



Get ripped abs fast:

In today’s video, we are going to do an awesome ab workout that is going to hit the hard to develop, lower abs. Pay close attention, because this workout can get you one step closer to a well balanced pair of abs and the ripped body you’ve always wanted.

Workout breakdown:

3 Exercises/ Reps: 30-30-40/ As many sets as it takes

1:10 Hanging Leg Raises: you want to focus on contraction and make sure you are not swinging.

1:41 Leg Lifts: lying on your back with your hands on your sides, you want to lift your hips on the floor.

2:47 Rotating Hip Thrusts: you are going to do a normal hip thrust, keep your abs tight and using a towel you are going to the right and left (follow the video to learn proper form)

You are going to do as many reps as you can of each exercise until you finish the required amount.

30 Hanging Leg Raises
30 Leg Lifts
40 Rotating Hip Thrusts

Let’s Do This!

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Train hard,


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