Insane Kettlebell & Pull-Up Workout — 10 Min Full Body Workout

Insane Kettlebell & Pull-Up Workout — 10 Min Full Body Workout



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In today’s video, we are going to do a unorthodox “bell and bar” routine that includes one a set of kettle bells and a pull up bar – simple enough, right? Well, just because we are only utilizing two modes of training doesn’t mean it’s “simple”… Believe me, this one is a real body fat buster.

Plus, since most guys don’t typically train regularly with kettle bells, if you do have access to a set, I highly recommend training with them as a great way to break through progress plateaus. Ready? Let’s get after it!

Workout breakdown:

*Perform 3 rounds of the following
10 pull-ups superset with 10 kettle bell swings
10 push-ups superset with 10 plie squats
10 toes to bar superset with kettle bell farmers walk

1:20 – Let’s start with the first superset: pull-ups and KB swings.

2:27 – Next superset, push-ups and plies.

3:36 – Superset 3, toes to bar and KB farmers walks.

5:30 – Round 2, here we go.

11:48 – Round 3, fellas – Stick with me.

16:33 – Whew, there you have it guys, full-body bell and bar workout. I know this was an untraditional workout and it may even be more challenging for you than most traditional workouts I post but the challenge will push you further into realizing your true potential.

16:48 – Speaking of this mindset, I just listened to this audiobook called “Mindset” and it was all about what truly determines your successes and failures.

17:30 – Even Arnold explained that your true potential is unknown. It’s “unknowable” because there is no limit… You mind is the only limit!

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