10 Minutes Of Fat-Burning Cardio HELL With Henry Tran

10 Minutes Of Fat-Burning Cardio HELL With Henry Tran



Get Shredded Six Pack Abs Like Henry:

What’s up Six Pack Shortcuts? Henry Tran here and today I’m going to kick your ass with a killer 10-minute fat-burning cardio session.

Today I’m gonna be using the official Six Pack Shortcuts Training App that’s available on both iOS and Android

Hop on the app store now and download it – it’s free! Click the links below RIGHT NOW so we can start this workout. Let’s get it.



Ok, guys, so what you’re gonna want to do once you have the app downloaded to your phone or tablet is login and click the very first “Fit in 15” program

From there, you hit ‘Workouts’ and go down to ‘Workout 6.’ Press the blue ‘workout’ button at the bottom, hit “Start Workout Walkthrough” and swipe to get things started.

To make it even easier for you, we have a built-in timer to keep you on pace, so once you swipe like this, hit this blue clock right here and the timer will start. Let’s do this:

1:32 – Start your workout with me here.

1:45 – 20 Seconds of Jumping Jacks

2:13 – 20 Seconds of Mountain Climbers

2:41 – 20 Seconds of Burpees

3:18 – 20 Seconds of Commando Planks

3:42 – 20 Seconds of Lying Toe Touches

4:18 – Break for 30 seconds

Now that’s just 1 round of the workout. Like I said, you’re going to go through 5 TOTAL rounds for a kickass fat-loss workout.

This is a badass, equipment-free cardio session that will help you to start melting away that stubborn belly fat. I’ve gone ahead and put 5 more workouts for you on here too, so now you got the tools to get going if:

#1 – You are a beginner and just getting into working out to lose body fat and get those six pack abs

And #2 – You want to get started training at home

The great thing about this, guys, is that you got it on your phone or tablet now, which means you can take these workouts with you wherever you go!

I’ll show you how to train and do full-body workouts, incorporating cardio and compound muscle movements to help get you in the best shape ever. Just go to the link below in the description, download the app, and get started.”

Were you able to get through the workout? What else are you struggling with when it comes to losing weight and getting your six pack? Let me know what your questions and comments below.

Thanks for tuning in, guys, and don’t forget – make sure to like, share, and subscribe to Six Pack Shortcuts. See you next time.

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