How Men Over 40 Get Ripped — With Abs After 40 Trainer Mark, 53 Year Old Fitness Model

How Men Over 40 Get Ripped — With Abs After 40 Trainer Mark, 53 Year Old Fitness Model



How older men can get six pack abs:

Hey guys what’s up it’s Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts and today I want to introduce you to my friend, Mark Mcilyar – A 53 year old fitness model who defies the typical “age-related” excuses that most guys his age make for not taking their health or their aesthetics seriously. He not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk!

Video Breakdown:

0:15 – Well, I’m 53 now currently but growing up I was a jock – I played football and basketball. I’m competitive by nature, so fitness became a passion of mine.

1:12 – And as I grew older and got into my career, I noticed my friends started putting on excess body fat and not taking care of themselves and I just couldn’t have that – I carry too much pride in myself to let myself slip like that. Plus, quite honestly, I am competitive so I always strive to look better than the next guy.

1:39 – It’s fun to go into the gym and see all the younger guys and think to myself, “I’m in better shape than these guys.” It’s a huge motivator for me

2:19 – Working out actually gives me MORE energy, and at my age, that’s a huge bonus.

3:02 – The hardest part is the first 15 minutes. Once the blood starts flowing, and the pump kicks in – it’s all uphill from there!

3:40 – For those over 40, you need to firstly decide how many days (realistically) you can get into the gym. It’s all about consistency. Even if it’s 2 days a week – Get IN there, it’ll be worth it.

4:19 – Also, don’t beat yourself up. If you can’t get in your workout for what ever reason, take your rest. Recovery is necessary and it HAPPENS. So don’t be too hard on yourself but also don’t forget to make it up.

5:15 – Eat your ego in the gym. Don’t WORRY about how much weight you do in the gym. No one is watching or judging you – Start as light as possible… No one is going to give a shit. Do the exercises with perfect form – and if you need extra warm-up sets, TAKE THEM! It’s not worth the risk of injury.

6:48 – Another tip is, never pick a weight that you can’t get 10 reps with. That’s a good rule of thumb for preventing injuries as you train in your 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s.

7:48 – Boosting testosterone naturally through specific exercises, better sleep as well as multi-joint movements will keep your T-levels in an optimal zone to continue putting on lean muscle mass.

10:28 – And don’t think that running is the only answer when it comes to getting excess body fat off. I stick to high intensity interval training which is less time consuming – I get bored easy.

11:56 – So as you guys can tell, Mark KNOWS what he is talking about – He is a man of my own true word when it comes to fitness and we are all stoked to have him back soon for more nutrition, weight loss and training tips.

Drop excess body fat in record time:

Thanks again for watching, everyone. I know that most of you younger guys may experience obstacles when it comes to getting in the best shape of your life, but I promise you… At the age of 53, if I CAN ACHIEVE this lean, muscular condition then all of you guys at home can do it too – There is a specific set of guidelines that I personally follow in order to get into killer shape and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

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