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What’s going on, Six Pack Shortcuts? Henry here and today I’m with my boy Jonny to do some Parkour. Check it out!

Johnny is one badass Parkour trainer who does all those awesome video game-style jumps and flips while running around, kinda like a ninja or superhero.

So what do you got for us today, man?

So, everything when it comes to parkour – all the crazy flips and spins, jumping off roofs, from building-to-building, all starts with the basics. To do all those moves, you gotta start off strengthening the body and getting yourself ready to do it, make sense?

So, today we’re going to go over this killer training circuit that gets’s you not only ready to do some mean parkour but build a strong, lean physique to help get those six pack abs you guys are looking for.”

We’re going to do a total of 5 different movements – 2 supersets and one final compound mobility exercise. To complete the whole workout, it’s a total of 3 rounds

Before we go through the circuit, Henry and I go over how to do the workouts. So let’s get started:

5:06 – Superset #1: Spiderman push-ups to mountain climbers. When you’re doing these moves, you’re hitting a bunch of different muscles: your chest, back, obliques, delts, and, most importantly, your core. You wanna do the spiderman push-ups for 10 reps then go right into mountain climbers for 20 reps.

8:11 – Superset #2: Piked Push-Ups to Laying Reverse Crunches. This is a push-up variation that not only hits your chest and triceps, but your shoulders, lats, and stretches out your hamstrings too. If you can’t keep the legs straight starting out, drop down to your knees to do them instead. You are gonna do these for 10 reps. From here, go straight into laying reverse crunches. If you are starting out doing these, sit on your hands. As you progress and get better and stronger, move your hands to your side. Do this move for 10 reps too, guys.

10:00 – Move #3: Floor Kong Burpees. You want you to actually travel across the floor with these instead of staying in place, to get a feel and understanding of how your body moves and how in sync it is with what you are trying to tell it to do.

There you have it guys, a killer parkour superset circuit that has compound muscle movements, some HIIT, and ways to help strengthen your body to get ready for some epic flips and jumps. 3 rounds of this circuit will have you feeling it.

A big thank you for showing us the ropes on Parkour to Johnny, and a thank you guys for checking out the video too. As always, let us know in the comments what you think – do you want to see more workouts like this parkour one? What other questions do you have? Just drop us a comment below so we can keep cranking out videos that you all are looking for

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