Get Cut Triceps – Negative Tension Workout “Part 2”

Get Cut Triceps – Negative Tension Workout “Part 2”



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Yo What up Guys,

It’s Mike and today I’m fixin’ to go BLAST ARMS! This actually is part two of my workout, but still follow along with me today. I hit biceps earlier and right now I’m about to attack my triceps – So even if you missed the first part go ahead and do this one along with me and get to biceps next. You’re already here right? It’s workouts like this one that will push you beyond those around you so you can really start seeing the benefits of all your hard work!

Workout Breakdown:
3 Exercises / Tension Sets (5 second negatives) / 6 – 8 reps / 3 – 4 Sets of Each

– Warm Up:
Seated Tricep Exension – Super light weight
– Workout:
1) Seated Tricep Extension
2) B-Bar Cable Push Downs
3) Barbell Over-head Extensions

**Are you ready for this? Remember to count 5 seconds for all the negative movement to get max benefit out of this workout today!

Video Breakdown:
0:55 Warm Up
– This is a 4 Set Warm Up
– Add weight and let’s keep going!

2:50 Seated Tricep Extensions – Set 1:
– Keep going!

5:04 B-Bar Cable Push Downs – Set 1:
– Get up to 4 Sets of these!

7:41 Barbell Overhead Exensions – Set 1:
– Finish these 4 Sets up and finish STRONG!

10:22 That’s all folks! What a great Tricep workout! Did you make it through that last one? I didn’t… that’s what I call “till failure” and that’s what you aim for every time – That’s the whole goal of these negative tension sets.

– You hit failure WITHOUT using heavy weights and hurting yourself. This is so effective! So, I hope you enjoyed this workout today and go back and stack it with the bicep workout if you haven’t already! (Go to:

Make sure that you leave your comment below to let us know what you think of this workout and how you feel after it. Come back to see us for more workouts like this one as well as diet and nutrition tips that will help you to get closer to achieving your fitness goals. And don’t forget to keep those progress pics coming in every week. Great job y’all!

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Train hard,

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