Gain Major ‘Assets’ with this Killer Ab Routine

Gain Major ‘Assets’ with this Killer Ab Routine



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Yo what’s up guys!

It’s Mike and today we’re going to be hittin’ some abs and core! We’re going to be doing 3 different ab exercises, so listen up and follow along with me today – It’s workout tips like this one that will get you that much closer to the body you’ve always wanted!

Ab Workout Breakdown:
1) Hanging Leg Raises
2) Cable Oblique Twists
3) Barbell Oblique Twists

0:20 We’ll do about 15 – 20 reps for each one of these exercises and do them back-to-back with little to no rest in between.
– Once you’ve gone through all 3 exercises one time that’s 1 round and we’ll be doing 3 rounds today!

0:31 Before we get the workout I want to share with you the book of the month!
– It’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki
– You can go to to get it for free right now!

0:45 The first time I read this book was about a DECADE ago and I’m re-reading it now.
– This is one of those books that has great advice for everybody.
– It’s basically about what rich parents teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class parents don’t.

And here, with this book, we ALL have access to this advice. A lot of the fundamentals I use today are from this book that I learned the first time I read it!

1:22 Here’s a few things they cover in the book:
1) A new perspective between assets and liability.
– remember: assets make you money and liabilities take your money
2) How to take “risks” to become rich.
– basically how to take the RIGHT risks and when to NOT save your money
3) Why the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.
– We’ve all heard this before but often misinterpret what it actually means in practice.
4) What is the “rat race” and how to get out to become wealthy.
– There is a “cash flow game” that you can learn a lot from, I did!

3:02 Here is a quick breakdown of “Income”, Expenses”, “Assets” and “Liabilities” and what it all means.
– Basically the rich get richer by putting their money into assets.
– While the poor get poorer by putting their money into liabilities.

5:12 Check out this diagram!
– This idea has stuck with me the most since reading this book. It is definitely the biggest thing I have taken away when I was done reading and still apply it today.
– Are you: an Employee, Self-Employed, a Business Owner or an Investor?

This was an amazing book, I highly recommend that you check it out! Remember that you can get it for free today.

9:04 Now let’s get to the workout and get some real “assets”- Six Pack Abs! Let’s do it!

Round 1
9:13 Hanging Leg Raises
9:50 Cable Oblique Twists / 10:39 Other side!
11:32 Barbell Oblique Twists / 12:17 Other side!

Got it? That’s round 1, now let’s keep going!

13:01 Round 2
16:10 Round 3

Whew, 3 rounds of this got me to failure! Hope you guys enjoyed this little ab workout!

And remember to get this month’s book, go to if you want to get it for free now.

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Train Hard,


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