Fast Chest and Abs Workout To Get Shredded At Home

Fast Chest and Abs Workout To Get Shredded At Home



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What up guys? For all you guys that want to work out at home and want to work your chest and abs, then I got a killer workout for you today. It is going to be a home circuit with 3 chest exercises along with 3 ab exercises.

You do not need any equipment, I made sure of it, so this way you can do it anywhere!

Workout Breakdown:

Chest/Abs – Back To Back

4 Rounds Total

-In & Out Push Ups/Roman Twists
-Dive Bomber Push Ups/Leg Raises
-4 Second Push Ups/Reverse Crunches

30sec chest/30sec abs/30sec rest

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Video Breakdown:

Round 1:

2:22 – In & Out Push Ups

2:56 – Roman Twists

3:24 – Rest (30 sec)

3:53 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

4:30 – Leg Raises

4:57 – Rest (30 sec)

5:28 – 4 Second Push Ups

5:58 – Reverse Crunches

Round 2:
(Rest 30 sec)

6:40 – In & Out Push Ups

7:17 – Roman Twists

7:43 – Rest (30 sec)

7:57 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

8:35 – Leg Raises

9:00 – Rest (30 sec)

9:04 – 4 Second Push Ups

9:35 – Reverse Crunches

Round 3:
(Rest 30 sec)

10:10 – In & Out Push Ups

10:46 – Roman Twists

11:12 – Rest (30 sec)

11:17 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

11:50 – Leg Raises

12:14 – Rest (30 sec)

12:15 – 4 Second Push Ups

12:46 – Reverse Crunches

Round 4:
(Rest 30 sec)

13:20 – In & Out Push Ups

13:48 – Roman Twists

14:14 – Rest (30 sec)

14:21 – Dive Bomber Push Ups

14:54 – Leg Raises

15:20 – Rest (30 sec)

15:21 – 4 Second Push Ups

15:56 – Reverse Crunches

That’s 12 sets in about 17 minutes. Tearing up the chest, working those abs, and pushing your heart and cardio to the limit!

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Train hard,


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