Extreme Monster Shoulder Workout

Extreme Monster Shoulder Workout



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Hey Y’all,

It’s Mike and today we are going to be doing an intense shoulder workout that is going to get your shoulders nice and thick. Having wide, full shoulders makes you look wider and will bring you closer to that muscular body you’ve always wanted.

Video breakdown:

0:10 Workout: 4 Exercises with a technique I call 5/10 sets, which is 5 sets per exercise with 10 seconds rest in between eat set.

0:32 The Seven Habits of Highly Affective People: It is such a powerful book and it changed so many things in my life… that is why I am actually re-reading it.

1:11 Working your mind is important, because without a strong mind… you can’t have a strong body.

The First 3 Habits

1) Be proactive- create your situation and create your opportunities.

2) Have the end in mind- imagine and visualize what you want.

3) Put first things first- make sure you are not skipping the steps to get to your goal.

Check it out here:

**Note: I personally listen to to during all my workouts to get mentally prepare for my intense training and also prepare for my daily tasks…. it’s not only a game changer, it’s a life changer.

Now lets get to training: Follow along!

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I’ve always had trouble getting a ripped body. I used to have a flabby body that I thought would never get better… my confidence was at an all time low. It wasn’t until I found this one “trick” that I was able to get the body I always wanted and more importantly, get my confidence back.

Could this one “trick” be the answer to your fitness problems as well?

Watch this video to find out for yourself.

Train Hard,


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