Explosive Football Circuit For Strength And Fat-Loss

Explosive Football Circuit For Strength And Fat-Loss



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Hey guys, what up it’s Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts here today to hit you guys with one of my all time favorite football conditioning workouts that I found most effective during my time playing ball.

Video Breakdown:

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2:00 – With all this football talk, I’m itchin’ to get this workout going – let’s hit it!

Workout Breakdown:

1.) Plyometric warm-up: 10 yard drills each drill
-Alternating high knee bounds x2
-Hamstring kicks x2
-Shuffle x2
-Karaoke x2
-Speed high knees x2

2.) 2 rounds of 10 push-ups and 10 jumping lunges

3.) 5-10-15 suicides for 3 rounds with 45 second rest periods

4.) 50 crunches

5.) 50 mountain climbers

13:39 – Whew, I hope you guys are feeling football combine ready after that one…

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Get Shredded In Record Time:

Thanks again for checking out this video, guys. Football was my gateway into transforming my physique into an athletic build and it helped me shed off a lot of excess fat. I learned a lot of great workout tips and tricks that worked great to shrink my waistline and get myself into lean and mean condition.

To discover the tips and tricks that got me jacked, check this out:

That’s all for now, have a blessed day!


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