Dumbbell Press vs Dumbbell Fly – Are You Doing it Right?

Dumbbell Press vs Dumbbell Fly – Are You Doing it Right?



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Hey What’s up Guys,

It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts, and today I just wanted to make a quick video for you guys about doing PRESSES vs doing FLYS when it comes to using dumbbells. So, I want you to settle in a listen to me today, this is a great topic that I get a lot of questions about. It’s information like this that will get you that much closer to having the body of your dreams if you know and way you do certain exercises.

Video Breakdown:
– I was talkin to my friend Justin here (the man behind the camera!) and we’ve noticed that guys in the gym don’t do these 2 exercises correctly.
– They do their Presses and their Flys almost the same! And this is NOT correct form.

So, I wanted to show you the right way to do these so you can make sure that you’re hitting different parts of your chest and getting a great workout in.

0:29 Chest Press:
– Lay back on the bench.
– Your staring position is chest open and elbows bent about 90 degrees with your triceps parallel to the floor.
– From there you press up (hence the name!) touch your dumbbells together lightly then come back down to that stating position.
– Don’t drop your elbows and go lower than 90 degrees!

0:54 Fly:
– Lay back on the bench.
– Your starting position on this one is with your arms straight and your palms facing each other.
– The main difference with this one vs the press is that you don’t want to bend your elbows when you’re doing flys – you want to create an “arc” almost, keeping your hands far from each other – then squeeze back up to your starting position.

1:33 Be sure you pay attention to this arm positioning.
– Turning your dumbbells to the side doesn’t turn your exercise into a Fly.
– It’ll still be a Press, but with a different grip.

1:42 Think “arc” when you’re doing your Flys and keep your elbows a little more straight.
– The wider this arc, the more chest this will hit.

2:32 You dan’t have to make this an extreme motion, bringing you hands all the way down.
– Keep your hands no lower than in line with your shoulders, any lower than that and you’ll bring unnecassary stress to your shoulders and injure yourself.
– You don’t want to do your Flys for nothing and miss out on the benefits either.

4:40 These are little tips, but they can make a HUGE difference in workout!

5:31 You always want to make it the hardest you can, so you that you can get the most out of each and every one of your workouts!

I hope you enjoy this tip today and found it useful, if you’d like to hear more like this and new workouts that use these methods, come back and see me again! Leave your comments below to let us know what you want more of and what you hate. And as always, keep those progress pics coming in!

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Train hard,

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