Complete Workout & Nutrition Guide For Teens

Complete Workout & Nutrition Guide For Teens



Make Intense Workouts Easy:

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This is Mike Chang from sixpackshortcuts and today I’m doing something different and helping a fan out with his school project. He had some great questions, so pay attention to my responses and learn something! You might actually have some of these questions yourself, and knowing the answers will help you get one step closer to the body you’ve always wanted.

0:38 Answer to question 1: I’ve been working out since I was about 14 years old. I’ve been training people for about ten years and I’m happy to say I am the host of the #1 fitness channel on Youtube. I’ve never competed in body building competitions, but winning a trophy is not what I love. I love helping people transform their bodies and their lives.

2:00 Answer To Question 2: JUST BE ACTIVE… BOTTOM LINE!

2:47 Answer To Question 3: Mental, social and physical state matters. The truth is people judge you based on how you look. That is the way the world works. I’m not a doctor, but through my experience they are all interconnected.

5:30 Answer To Question 4: When you don’t use your body, your health declines. Staying active and using your muscles will keep you more healthy. Obesity is a big problem.

6:30 Answer To Question 5: Teenagers tend to spend too much time in the gym, because they don’t really know what they are doing. You really only need to spend about 30-45 mins. working out. So I understand how teenagers burn themselves out. It is absolutely okay to workout as a teen though.

8:30 Answer To Question 6: Your heart rate has to be elevated when you are doing physical activity, because it is good for your heart, good for building muscle and good for burning fat. Form and doing exercises properly is incredibly important.

12:45 Answer To Question 7: If you aren’t eating the right foods, you don’t have the right tools to stay physically active. Eating is a part of a healthy life and it affects you on a day to day basis, social life, and pretty much everything.

15:38 Answer To Question 8: Injury is a part of being physically active. That’s life. Exercising is a layer of protection and actually helps you for the rest of your life. I’ve gotten rid of a ton of sicknesses, because of working out and training. I have a close connection with my body. With time, you can become aware.

18:30 Answer To Question 9: Sometimes when you don’t track what your body responds too, you will not get the results you want. You need structure to build muscle or lose fat, period.

27:07 Answer To Question 10: It is okay if you don’t like fitness and that is okay, but everyone is interested in something. But at some point you have to use your body, no matter what you do.

30:00 Answer To Question 11: Helping lazy guys is my specialty, because I’m naturally lazy. People don’t like working out, because they don’t see results and they start hating working out. The most important thing is to take the steps to working out consistently. Don’t worry about buying all the supplements, working out everyday and eating the perfect food. Take the appropriate steps.

36:00 Answer To Question 12: Cardio machines are not the best way to lose fat. I understand, but think about this… say you burn 150 calories in an hour on a treadmill. You burn calories for that hour, but what about the other 23 hours in a day… what are you burning then? You need to do the right type of training called Afterburn Training, where you burn calories for up to 48 hours after you workout.

43:44 Answer To Question 13: I have a lot of videos on my channel My suggestion is check out the workouts that align with your goals.

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