Clark’s Best 5 Minute Chest Workout (With Clark’s Student & Former SPS Sales Director Mike Chang)

Clark’s Best 5 Minute Chest Workout (With Clark’s Student & Former SPS Sales Director Mike Chang)



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Hey what up guys, it’s Mike. I’m here with my boy Clark, and today we are going to be working on some chest using cables.

He’s killer on cables, I’ve learned a lot from him, so let’s get started.

Video Breakdown:

0:14 – Warm up

0:36 – Hey guys, just so you know, during this workout, we are going to be doing different variations of flys.

1:20 – 8 Reps, top, middle, bottom, top, then a burnout set.

2:03 – Clark’s top set

2:22 – Mike’s top set

2:57 – Clark’s middle set

3:34 – Mike’s middle set

4:01 – All the way down, remember the bottom one gets harder.

4:12 – Clark’s bottom set

4:42 – Mike’s bottom set

5:02 – Finish back up at the top

5:16 – Clark’s top set

5:38 – Mike’s top set

6:18 – As long as you go until failure, that’s all that matters. You want to try and squeeze the pecs. Just because you go through the workout, doesn’t mean you are always working the muscle. You have to squeeze and contract the muscle that you are trying to build.

7:00 – Now, this last workout is something Mike and I used to do all the time. Make sure you have a spotter, or don’t try this as heavy at first. Clark has been doing it for years, and you do not want to injure yourself.

7:42 – Clark’s burnout set

8:33 – Mike’s burnout set

9:30 – Clark’s second burnout set

9:55 – Mike’s second burnout set

10:26 – Okay, let’s do another burnout. Remember we used to always have competitions with these? Let’s do an isometric burnout. Just hold it.

10:45 – Clark’s third burnout set

11:39 – Mike’s third burnout set

Alright, so I hop you liked that workout. That’s Clark’s crazy cable workout for big round muscular chest. I’ve seen Clark go from no chest to monstrous superman chest. I’ve seen him do cables like this for years. You can build a chest with this shape, you’ve just got to make sure your exercises coincide with it. So, we are going to do another video going over all of those exercises going over how it works.

I’ve been doing this workout for years, but it is all about the details, the mind-muscle connection, the rang of motion, the angle, the intensity, the contraction of the muscle you are trying to work.

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