Chiseled Chest Cable Workout

Chiseled Chest Cable Workout



#1 Trick That Builds Ripped Muscle:

Hey guys!

Today we are going to be killing our chest so that we can put on some serious muscle. We are hitting every section of the chest to get pumped and ripped. Workouts like this can get you one step closer to the ripped muscular body you’ve always wanted.

Video Breakdown:

4 Sets/6-8 Reps

High Cable Flyes

Mid Cable Flyes

Low Cable Flyes


Let’s get warm…

1:18 High Cable Flyes Warm Up Set

1:50 Mid Cable Flyes Warm Up Set

2:26 Low Cable Flyes Warm Up Set

3:02 Let’s get into our workout now!

3:08 High Cable Flyes Set #1

3:21 Superset with push ups

3:50 High Cable Flyes Set #2

4:07 Superset with push ups

4:28 High Cable Flyes Set #3

4:31 Superset with push ups

4:45 High Cable Flyes Set #4

5:01 Superset with push ups

5:11 Mid Cable Flyes Set #1

5:29 Superset with push ups

5:48 Mid Cable Flyes Set #2

5:57 Superset with push ups

6:25 Mid Cable Flyes Set #3

6:41 Superset with push ups

7:00 Mid Cable Flyes Set #4

7:18 Superset with push ups

7:41 Low Cable Flyes Set #1

8:03 Superset with push ups

8:29 Low Cable Flyes Set #2

8:41 Superset with push ups

8:55 Low Cable Flyes Set #3

9:09 Superset with push ups

9:18 Low Cable Flyes Set #4

9:41 Superset with push ups

10:01 Dips set #1

10:18 Dips set #2

10:33 Dips set #3

10:48 Dips set #4

Enjoy the rest of the workout! Push hard until the end.


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Mike Chang

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