Burn Fat Fast: Lower Body HIIT Circuit Challenge

Burn Fat Fast: Lower Body HIIT Circuit Challenge



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Hey guys what’s up it’s Clark and I am here today to show you my cardio interval leg workout but first I wanted to give a shout out to my friends over at Audible for hooking me up with this amazing book that I listened to during my normal drive to the gym.

0:39- It’s super simple to just plug in my iPhone to my aux in the car or sync it with Blue tooth and listen to my books so I can easily listen to my reads while I am on the road.

0:55 – I encourage you to check it out, Audible has over 150,000 books to choose from that you can start listening to in your free time or while you multi-task.

1:14 – The most recent book I listened to was a game changer. It was called “Start With Why”, and I easily applied this to fitness… As in, WHY is it that I do what I do every day? It made me step back and think… What is my WHY?

1:32 – After some thought I realized that it is my addiction. Attaining results and achieving my personal goals of being stronger and more fit each and every day. This actually re-motivated me!

2:02 – So I want to challenge you guys to discover your WHY. Why are you on this channel? Why do you want to workout? Is it for a certain physique? Or a particular strength increase? Or is it just for general overall health? It’s important to know your why so you can remember, each time you are feeling unmotivated or down, that your WHY is the true reason for your initial commitment – so stick to it!

2:29 – I also wanted to remind you that you can get your first book for FREE with your 30-day trial! Go to to get started. Check it out, guys!

2:41 – Enough talking, let’s get into todays workout.

Workout Breakdown:

10 jump squats
10 jumping lunges
10 box jumps
30 jump rope revolutions

3:01 – Jump squats, let’s get deep on these

3:17 – Jumping lunges

3:29 – Box jumps

3:51 – 30 jump ropes

4:25 – ROUND TWO, guys – jump squats

4:46 – Back to jumping lunges

5:02 – Box jumps

5:27 – 30 jump ropes to finish out round two

6:19 – Last round – let’s go! 10 jump squats

6:41 – WHY am I doing this?! I just remembered…

7:03 – Box jumps

7:37 – Finishing with the jump rope

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There you have it guys. 3 rounds of jump squats, jumping lunges, box jumps and jump rope. Cardio leg day, feeling the burn and blasting the fat. That’s all I’ve got for you guys today – again, don’t forget WHY you do this…

And be sure to hit up to get your first book FREE… Knowledge it power!

Thanks again for tuning in, everyone. After I read “Start With Why” it immediately made me think about what my life was like before I found fitness… Remembering my WHY each and every day is the ultimate motivation to stick to my goals and continue growing, inside and out, into my full potential. I hope that you guys discover your true WHY- I promise, this will be the KEY to sticking to your fitness plan and attaining your dream physique and fitness level!

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