Bodyweight 250 Rep Chest Workout

Bodyweight 250 Rep Chest Workout



Get ripped abs fast:

In today’s video, we are going to hit our chest with an intense workout that can be done with almost no equipment. Workouts like this can get you one step closer to the ripped body of your dreams… so let’s get it done.

Workout breakdown:

3 Exercises/ Reps: 200/50/50/ As Many Rounds As It Takes/ No Rest

Deep Push Ups- 200 Reps

0:39 Put your feet up on a chair or bench and stack anything you can find that is level, and perform the push up.

Sliding Push Up Flies- 50 Reps

0:58 Using two towels, you are going to do a fly to each side by sliding the towel, and one movement to each side is one rep.

Side To Side Explosive Push Up- 50 Reps

1:13 You want to make sure you are going side to side with explosion, so you can put a different type of stress on our muscles.


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Train hard,


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