Add One Inch To Your Arms In 10 Minutes Or Less! (Workout To Get A 1 Inch BICEP PUMP Quick)

Add One Inch To Your Arms In 10 Minutes Or Less! (Workout To Get A 1 Inch BICEP PUMP Quick)



How to get ripped, simplified:

Hey guys, what up – It’s Clark here today to share with you how to put an inch, literally, AN INCH, on your arms in just 10 minutes. It’s quick but it’s dirty…

As you can see, I am sitting at 16.5 inches right now for my arm size… So let’s get into the mass making!

Workout Breakdown:

Superset the following two exercises: Cable bicep curls (until failure)
Cable tricep push-downs (until failure)

Video Breakdown:

1:18 – This is a true 10 minute workout so let’s waste no time and get right into it starting with cable bicep curls (warm-up)

2:25 – Cable tricep push-downs (warm-up)

2:54 – On a 10 minute workout, the rep range should be “til failure” – Instead of focusing on the rep range to hit, go from the “feeling”. When your arms are so pumped that you can not squeeze out another rep, that’s your rep range!

3:03 – The point is: INTENSITY. Now onto the next set of curls.

3:35 – Next up, cable push-downs.

4:02 – Going a bit lighter with a drop set here for the cable curls

4:24 – Cable push-downs

5:01 – A bit lighter now, 6 minutes left in this super set arm pump!

5:30 – Back to the push-downs

6:12 – Curling slow and controlled to maximize the pump here, guys.

6:45 – Going back up in weight slightly for this set of push-downs

7:17 – Still don’t believe me? Just watch… 10 minutes!

7:35 – Isometric hold during the reps here for even more pump and burn.

8:04 – Push-downs, keep them coming!

8:35 – Two more minutes, and that’s it.

8:58 – Now I feel the pump, we’re getting there!

9:20 – By the way, it is ok to eat before you workout. If you are eating proper portions, you should never feel uncomfortable during the workout – So if you do feel too full, reexamine your portion sizes.

10:04 – Squeezing out those final reps – just 35 seconds left

10:25 – Less talk, more lifting… Get off Facebook when you are in the gym! Unless you are posting a selfie during this pump session of course.

11:03 – 10 minutes is up – Now let’s measure… 18 inches, baby! One and a half inches in 10 minutes… So there you have it guys – A quick pump session to add one inch to your arm done in 10 minutes or less! For more workouts, nutrition and weight loss advice stay tuned to this channel.

Get six pack abs in record time:

Thanks again for watching, guys. Adding size to your muscles is no easy task, it took me a lot of time and dedication to build my physique from being the skinny asian guy in the gym to now a much more confident, structured self. I hope that with my help you can continue making progress towards your muscle gain goals right here with me at Six Pack Shortcuts.

And here’s what I did to get my ripped gains fast:



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