8 Minute Ab Shredding Workout: How To Get A Killer Six Pack FAST

8 Minute Ab Shredding Workout: How To Get A Killer Six Pack FAST



Get six pack abs in record time!

Hey guys, it’s Clark with Six Pack Shortcuts and today we are going to be hitting a quick ab workout!

Workout Breakdown:

3 sets of 20 windshield wipers
3 sets of 10 reverse crunches
3 sets of “burn out” sit-ups

Video Breakdown:

0:24 – Let’s get started with windshield wipers. Now, not everyone can do these – they are definitely not categorized as a “beginner” workout however if you’ve got some core strength build, these will be very effective for you! Alright, here we go with the first set.

0:50 – One set down, let’s rest a minute and then get into the next one.

0:58 – On to set 2, 20 more reps. Keep in the mind that you should be keeping your hips elevated in such a way that your back is nearly parallel to the ground. If your hips are not raised high enough, the twisting movement may out your trunk in a potential injury prone position.

1:52 – Here is my third and final set – and since I am feeling a little ambitious, I am going to demonstrate how to throw a few combinations into this movement.

2:34 – Next we are going to move on to reverse crunches. In a traditional crunch, your hips remain stationary while you bring your shoulders towards your hips and the reverse variation entails stationary shoulder position while your hips become mobile.

3:05 – You can adjust the intensity by adjusting the starting position of your hips. Moving your hips back will crank the core contraction of this movement up! To spice things up even further, throw in negatives to the descend portion of this movement – and try not to let your butt touch the ground!

4:10 – Next set, my abs are already feeling fatigued so I will complete this set without negatives, still making sure to use firm control during the exercise to get the full effect.

4:39 – Alright, last set here guys. Keep in mind that you can really do these anywhere, as long as you have something stationary to brace yourself with during the extension

5:40 – Last exercise today will be a traditional sit-up. Here we go, first set!

5:46 – You can adjust the intensity of this exercise by adjusting your arm placement, as they ultimately are the resistance or weights in this movement – If your arms are behind your head, you’ll be bracing the weight of your head, neck and upper torso during the movement versus crossing your arms with your finger tips on your shoulders, you’ll be bracing less weight – The least intensive mode would be placing your arms above your head and using momentum to swing through the movement, giving yourself some assistance!

7:09 – We are going by how our body feels on these burn out sets. Push yourself to failure instead of giving yourself a direct number of rep to complete. The goal here is to completely fatigue the abs – Set 2, let’s get it!

9:09 – I do ab workouts to stay functional. It is important to remember that when you are doing an ab workout, you are working the abdominal muscles that is under a layer of adipose (fat) tissue – So unless you are eating mindfully, the six pack may never be completely revealed – no matter HOW many exercises you do!

9:39 – Final set! I am looking for that intensity so again, no counting, just performing until

And that’s a wrap! Again, my name is Clark, if you want to see more exercises, tips and advice check out – See you then!

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