5 Testosterone Boosting Leg Exercises

5 Testosterone Boosting Leg Exercises



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Hey guys, it’s Clark with Six Pack Shortcuts here today to share with you guys the top 5 leg day exercises that will transform your weight loss results as well as actually enhance the natural production of Testosterone within your body – I know most of you guys are all about the biceps, chest and abs for the most part but it is important to NEVER FORGET LEG DAY!

Video Breakdown:

0:25 – Did you know that you can even BOOST your testosterone with squats? Yup. Multi-joint leg movements incorporate massive muscle contractions, which ignite your natural HGH hormone as well as our anabolic hormone, testosterone.

1:20 – When it comes to form, all of your power should be coming from your heel. Keep your chest big, eyes up, butt back and down until your hamstrings are parallel. The full range of motion is the most effective!

3:36 – Bodyweight variations of the squat are great too. Depending on your bodyweight and physical condition, try to hit rep ranges between 15-20.

3:47 – Step-ups are fantastic leg pumping exercises too because it tags your balance and stability skills while you are contracting your musculature. Grab a pair of dumbbells and complete step-ups with resistance to really crank up the calorie burn.

4:45 – Be careful on the descent of the movement because (depending on the height of your bench or box or chair) the landing can be very impactful so be mindful as you alternate legs during the step reps.

5:04 – And of course there are always lunges – These are great because you can literally do them anywhere. Take a long stride, striking the ground with your heel and driving upward through that same heel.

5:35 – I don’t pause between lunge steps because moving quickly through the movement allows you to get a great plyometric experience to enhance calorie burn.

6:20 – Next, hip bridges – Drive with one heel planted to the ground and driving the other leg upward into the air.

7:02 – And finally, calves. On an elevated surface, such as a 45 lb plate, and let your heel stretch down to the ground and pulse upward in a full range of motion.

8:06 – For each of these exercises, you want to complete at least 4 sets with rep ranges going towards failure. If you have issues with your knees, be sure to stick to step-ups because they are less impactful to your knees.

8:40 – If you have no resistance or gym equipment available, try one legged squats.

9:20 – There you have it guys, remember to incorporate these movements into your next leg day routine to incinerate MORE calories while also supporting your natural testosterone production.

Get shredded without losing your strength:

Thanks again for watching, guys – I know what you are thinking when I say the words “leg day”. It’s an often neglected component to most every dude’s workout routine but I can definitely guarantee, the benefits of hitting legs once or twice a week will deliver crazy physique-transforming results that you wouldn’t believe.

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