5 “Negative Tension” Sets for Extreme Shoulder Gains

5 “Negative Tension” Sets for Extreme Shoulder Gains



Get massive muscle gains – FAST!

What’s up guys!

It’s Mike again and today we’re going to hittin’ some SHOULDERS! You’re going to want to follow me through this workout because it’s exercises like this one that we’re about to do that will get you well on your way to the body you’ve always wanted.

So listen up, we’re going to be doing 5 different shoulder exercises in this routine today, hittin’ them from all different angles.
– Most importantly we’re going to be applying an intensity principle today called: “Negative Tension Sets:

0:16 Negative Tension Sets:
– Is when you hold the negative movement a lot longer than the positive part of the repetition.
– The “negative” movement in any exercise is basically whenever you are bringing the weight back down to your starting position. A lot of people think that it’s only the positive movement that matters, but as you’ll see today – This is not the case!

Workout Breakdown:
5 Exercises / 8 – 10 Reps / 5 Seconds on the negatives / 3 – 4 Sets of each Exercise

#1) Standing Military Press
#2) Standing Side Laterals
#3) Barbell Front Raise
#4) Bent Over Lateral Raise
#5) T-Bar Front Press

1:02 Usually 4 exercises would be enough, but I’m throwing in an extra one to meet one of my personal fitness goals right now!

Y’all ready? Follow along with my guys, let’s get to it!

Video Breakdown:
1:15 Warm-Up
– Check this out to double check that you’re using good form.
– Pay attention and practice how to use the negative tension idea with this lighter weight.

(check the first rep of each exercise for proper form)
**Remember it’s 2 – 3 sets of each of these!!

2:30 – Standing Military Press

4:06 – With this negative movement concentration don’t be surprised that you’ll probably need lighter weights than usual.

4:36 – Standing Side Laterals (side delts)

6:25 – Barbell Front Raises

7:30 – Bent Over Side Laterals

10:00 – T-Bar Front Press

OK guys, that’s it for today! Great job if you were able to follow along with me, this was a tough one that will get you GREAT results! I’m going to keep going and hit some abs now, check out some of my others videos if you’d like to keep going a well!

Along with my ab routines, if you’d like more workouts like this one as well as diet and nutrition tips and tricks come back to see me again! Leave your comments below and as always keep those progress pics coming in. Y’all made some great progress this summer, I am so amazed with ALL of you out there!

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Train hard,

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