3 Moves to Build Your Shoulders and Traps

3 Moves to Build Your Shoulders and Traps



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Yo What’s Up Guys,

It’s Mike with SixPack Shortcuts and today we’re going to be doing some Shoulder Training! I was training with my buddy Luis the other day and he showed me what he called the Triple Threat and man I really felt it in my shoulders! So follow along with me today or write all this down, you’re going to want to try this for yourself because it’s exercises like this one today that will get you that V-Shaped body and much closer to the body of your dreams.

Workout Breakdown:
Now when you’re working out your shoulders, you want to hit them from all 3 angles to get that nice rounded shoulder look: front, side and back – and that’s exactly what this routine will do for you.

3 Exercises / 10 Reps Each / 5 Rounds / Minimal Rest Time

There’s going to be 3 exercises:
1) Incline DB Front Raises
– for the Front Delts / Traps
2) Incline DB (wide) Front Raises
– for the Side Delts / Traps
3) Incline DB Side Raises
– for the Rear Delts / Traps

These moves, when put together in this order, is the absolute best way to workout your shoulders – you’ll be doing front, side then rear. And you may have done these moves before, but when you do them back-to-back on the incline bench it takes the stability of your legs out of the equation and puts the weight directly onto your shoulders to work them out harder.

– Lemme show you the correct form for these moves:

Front Raise will look like this – 2:11
Wide Front Raise will look like this – 3:35
Side Raise will look like this – 3:55

Video Breakdown:
Remember that you’re not using your feet like you usually do, so you may need to go with a little bit lighter weight than you’re typically used to – I just did my warm up with 10lb weights just to demonstrate for you and I’m feeling it already! But let’s get right to it!

Round 1:
5:08 Front Raise
5:43 Wide Front Raise
6:42 Side Raise

7:24 Round 2
9:15 Round 3

Using the incline bench makes it VERY hard to cheat – it’s all shoulders baby!

10:57 Round 4
12:34 Round 5

Alright, there you have it guys… The Triple Threat Shoulder Workout! The key points to remember with this workout is:
#1) If you want to make it more difficult use an incline bench and take your feet off the ground.
– If you want it easier, put your feet on the ground or stand up.
#2) Rest as little as you can.
– You should only rest when switching between weights or if you need to catch your breath.
#3) If you want to hit your Traps more, then bring the weight higher than parallel to the ground.
– The higher the weight goes the more you’ll hit your traps

So I hope you enjoyed this workout and apply the Triple Threat during your very next shoulder workout. For more workouts like this one today, tips on diet and nutrition and tricks to get more out of your workouts come back and see us again or click on any of the links you see here. Don’t forget to leave your comments below to let me know what you thought about this workout and keep sending in those progress pics.



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