3 Moves For Ripped Lower Abs

3 Moves For Ripped Lower Abs



Get six pack abs in record time:

Hey guys what up it’s Jonny with Six Pack Shortcuts here today to talk about LOWER abs. Now, you can’t “spot train” but you can target particular areas of the abdominals by hitting movements that target the lower musculature of your abdominal sheath.

Video Breakdown:

1:20 – So the first exercise that I find to be killer for the low ab region are hanging ab raises.

1:44 – Do not SWING your legs, guys. The first thing you want to do is get a nice grip (about shoulder width apart) on the pull-up bar and hang your body – loosen your hips. Use your ABS to lift your legs, not momentum.

2:45 – Sets of 15 will do you wonders, I promise! Add a dumbbell for added resistance and to spice it up.

3:21 – Now for the 2nd exercise, reverse crunches on a flat bench. Lay down, grip the bench overhead, and allow your legs to hang off the end of the bench so that you are fighting gravity as you bring your legs towards your chest with your lower abs.

4:30 – Throw in a hip thrust at the top for an added challenge

5:15 – And for all you bad asses out there, incline hip thrusts will really fire up your lower abs. Let your hips touch the bench and then thrust upwards quickly but controlled. Tough but VERY effective.

6:15 – Try this routine if you are looking to create a small tight waist and an 8 pack – Be sure to tune in next week for my full-force lower ab routine for you guys to follow along with – I’ll see you guys there!

How to get shredded, simplified:

Thanks again for tuning in guys. Reaching the pinnacle six pack is not an easy task, however the tips and experiences that I attained over years of practice within the fitness industry have really paid off. Proof is in the puddin’, I always say – and now I get to lead by example, and share MY tricks of the trade with all of you guys!

To discover the tricks that turned my pudge into muscle, check this out:

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