3 Keys To Building Chest Muscle – Bench Press Techniques

3 Keys To Building Chest Muscle – Bench Press Techniques



How to build a ripped and muscular chest:

Hey man, it’s Mike Chang and today I’m going to give you the three best tips for building a massive chest. This video is going to give you not only the proper way to train your chest, it’s also going to show you what not to do… this way you can get that chest that will get you all the attention when you have that tank top on.

Video Breakdown:

**3 tips for a massive chest

Tip #1 Tuck in your trap muscle and avoid using your deltoids muscles. Most people leave their shoulder up and end up messing up their rotator cuff and never activating the chest muscle.

Tip #2 Finish your last rep. A lot of guys are tired by the last rep so they use a shortcut and cheat on the last rep. You don’t want to give up when you are fatigued, because when you are at your weakest, you will actually build more muscle.

Tip #3 Find the exercise that you find works out your chest the best. Now if you are a guy that is just trying to sculpt his chest, then don’t pay attention to this tip… but if you want to go ahead and build a massive chest, find what works for you.

And if you want to build huge arms to match that chest you’re going to build, check out this video now.

Train Hard!


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