4 Quick Ways To Fix Back Pain | Stretching Exercises With Clark

4 Quick Ways To Fix Back Pain | Stretching Exercises With Clark



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What’s going on, everybody? Clark Bartram here today to go over how to get the most out of your exercise ball.

Science is telling us now that sitting is the new addiction up there with smoking that is causing us men over 40 health problems. That’s because when you are stagnant, in the same position for long periods of time with our spines compressed and backs hunched over, and just not being active. Sitting on one of these exercise balls is going to help you change on that. Let me show you what I mean.

1:10 – Active Sitting: So, say you are able to sit on this ball at work. Sitting on a ball like this in this manner promotes you to want to bounce and move around, engaging your core and stimulating your muscles. Moving around while sitting in this way also helps to maximize your time training and to be active throughout the day.

1:51 – Lower Back Stretching: Lay across the Swiss ball while on your stomach. We collectively as human beings are all too tight and need to stretch more, and this is a great place to start. Be effective in this move with controlled breathing – inflating and deflating the space underneath the stomach. Just let your body relax and hang there, and you will start feeling a world of difference.

2:42 – Crunches: Placing your butt forward at the top, lay back on the ball. This actually helps to increase the angle of “spinal flexion” or how far back you can bend in the crunch. Try just laying back and holding that position for a few seconds, taking controlled, deep breaths in and out and doing 5 crunches every now and then.

3:56 – Stability & Balance Training: Be very cautious and careful while executing this move. Start by kneeling down with both knees on the top of the Swiss ball. Your goal is to lift your arms up and away from the ball, using your core and balance to stay ontop of the ball in that position.

Now, guys, don’t overlook the benefits of using tools like this on a daily basis. You should always remember and concern yourself with strengthening and having a stronger, functional core because every movement you do stems from there.

The Swiss ball is commonly found at home or at a gym – not being used to it’s potential and just taking up space. I challenge you to get up and get going on one of these bad boys because I promise you sitting in that same old chair at your desk for hours upon hours hasn’t been and will not ever in the future help to improve, but hurt your well-being.

What are some areas of the body you find to be quite sore and stiff after a day at the office? Why are you sore after coming home from work, but you didn’t exercise or move much? Let us know in the comments below so we can continue to make and post more tips and tricks here on the channel.

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God Bless,
-Clark Bartram

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