10 Minute Workout Challenge — Six Pack Shortcuts

10 Minute Workout Challenge — Six Pack Shortcuts



How I went from fat to six pack abs:

What’s up everybody!

It’s Mike Chang with SixPackShortcuts and today we are going to do a 10 minute workout challenge! We’re going to hit legs and do some intense cardio that is going to push us. Workouts like this will get you strong and cut so you can get one step closer to the ripped body you’ve always wanted.

Workout breakdown:

10 Minutes/ 2 Exercises/ 10 Reps Each/ Maximum Rounds/ Minimum Rest

Here are the movements:
1) Dumbbell Front Squats
– I’ll be using a 50lb. weight, but use whatever weight is most appropriate for you
2) Burpees

Let’s get it done! This is UNEDITED, so follow me!

Video Breakdown:

1:44 Here is a Dumbbell Front Squat:
Hold your dumbbell with both hands at one end of the weight right under your chin, keep your chest up and then you just squat. The goal here is to have your elbows touch your knees before pushing through with your heels to stand back up. GET LOW!

Video Breakdown:

2:08 And…. GO!

12:14 So you want to burn FAT? You want to get CRAZY RIPPED? You got to step up your game!

Comment below and let me know your scores. Try it out, that’s all it takes!

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Train hard,


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