What You SHOULD Be Doing To Get Six Pack Abs

What You SHOULD Be Doing To Get Six Pack Abs



Stop wasting your time with the wrong kinds of exercises:

Hey guys,

It’s Clark and Henry, your fat loss trainers, and today we’re showing you how to get a ripped physique and abs.

And we painted ourselves to show you the muscle groups that are activated in certain exercises.

The reason why is to show you which exercises activate the most muscle at the same time.

If you didn’t know, the more muscle you activate… the more calories you burn.

Now – the two types of exercises we’re going over are compound and isolation.

Compound movements are exercises that activate 2 or more muscles at once… while isolation exercises only focus on a small muscle group.

For example… I see tons of guys doing bicep curls everyday,
But that’s actually one of the best examples of an Isolation exercise… and it hardly burns ANY calories.

Now compare that to this simple compound exercise – the squat…

Here, Henry is using like 20 times more muscle, from his legs, to his back.

So now you know: to burn the most fat, you need to focus on specific compound exercises.

Before we show you some other examples…

I made another video showing you different workouts that use the best compound exercises for beginners and advanced guys – so you can burn fat FASTER.

So If you’re ready to start getting rid of your belly fat the most effective way…

Stop using the wrong exercises that are burning little to no fat and try my new compound training workouts.

You can see that free training video at

Alright, so here’s another exercise I see guys doing all time: side raises for your shoulders.

If you want great medial delts, this is a great exercise.

You can do other variations too… but it’s still only targeting a very small muscle group in your shoulder.

What I would do instead….deadlift.

This another one that requires a ton of muscle…. Not just from your shoulders, but also your leg muscles… lats… rhomboids… arms…

I mean, you name it.

On top of burning more fat, working multiple muscle groups at the same time can trigger a HUGE spike in hormone production…

Especially in your key fat burning hormones – leptin and testosterone.

In fact, this hormone boost is even more important than the calories you’ll burn during your workout.

Yep. The thing is….

Burning calories during your workout IS important…

But it’s just not enough if you wanna get rid of your belly quickly.

The thing is…. If you are able to increase the production of your key fat burning hormones…

Your body will naturally burn more fat throughout the entire day…

… not just during your workouts.

And when you’re trying to get ripped faster…. every bit helps.

Can you imagine how much easier it would be to get a six pack if your body’s fat burning hormones were working hard for you?

However, the problem is that our hormone production levels aren’t where they need to be…

Whether you were born this way – or used workouts and diets that disrupted your hormone production.

Certain workouts and diets are scientifically proven to decrease your fat burning hormone production…

Here’s a hint: long slow cardio and those low fat diets that we’ve heard are good… those can actually decrease your #1 male fat burning hormone testosterone.

I’ll show you more in a bit.

Poor hormone levels are ALSO the main reason why we carry more belly fat.

In fact, if you have belly fat right now…

…Chances are – your fat burning hormone production is NOT where it needs to be.

Bottom line guys…

If you want to see results fast…

You NEED to focus on exercises that don’t just burn a lot of calories during your training…

But ones that also support your hormones.

And I know you can’t just repeat the squat and deadlift forever…

So check out the free video I posted.

I’ll show you all the variations of compound exercises that are the best for getting rid of your belly fat.

We’ve put them into unique workouts that were designed to optimize fat burn AND your fat burning hormone production.

You can see those for free by going to right now.

On top of that, you’ll also see the 3 WORST hormone-disrupting workouts – which you should avoid….

..and 3 simple tips you can use start using at home right now to support your fat-burning hormone production…

Even if it’s lowered because of those bad diets and workouts.

Also we’ll show you the one food we have in all our meals to make sure we are burning fat as fast as possible…

..and even show you how to prepare it.

Ok guys that’s all the time we have… so make sure you check out that video at right now.

See you there.

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