Top 6 Health Mistakes Made By Men Over 40 — With Clark Bartram

Top 6 Health Mistakes Made By Men Over 40 — With Clark Bartram



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Hey guys,

It’s Clark Bartram here at the AA40 and SPS headquarters and I’m going to share with you six common mistakes that could be causing you to age faster.

And these are things you can modify a little bit or make some simple changes in your life, so that way you can at least slow the aging process and keep your body healthy and functional for a longer time.

#1 – Overdoing Sugar. We live in a land where sugar is everywhere and in everything. When our bodies eat too much sugar, there is a process called glycation. Glycation ruins the process in your cells that help collagen, and collagen is what keeps your skin nice and full and stretchy, rather than saggy.

So all you really need to do is cut back on the sugar by looking at food labels and understanding/educating yourself as to how much sugar you’re putting in your body, and then replace those choices with foods that are high in fiber and low on the glycemic index.

#2 – Never stretching. What stretching is going to do is help you reduce injuries, especially back pain. Relieving tension in your back can be done by just loosening up your hamstrings. We live a very sedentary life nowadays, and getting tightness and tension happens far too often. Help yourself by doing a little extra stretching so you can reduce your chances of injury and extra pains.

#3 – You probably always choose coffee for the first thing you drink in the morning right? Well choose water instead, because if you think about it, you’ve probably gone to bed a little dehydrated, then you didn’t drink anything all night, and so you wake up more dehydrated. That caffeine in the coffee or tea causes you to urinate more, so you further dehydrate. This dehydration is extremely bad for you – especially if you’re trying to avoid aging. So make sure you have water in the morning rather than coffee, and get your day started off right.

#4 – Treadmills. If you walk into any gym in the country, you’ll see treadmills for days. But what you need to be doing instead is lifting weights. You’re not going to build lean muscle by just walking or jogging on the treadmill, and lean muscle will help you age more slowly.

#5 – You may be acidic and not alkaline – I know this is getting a little deep for y’all, but sickness and illnesses thrive in acidic environments, so if your body is acidic and not alkaline in nature it would stand to reason that your body is going to age faster than it should. So make sure you get things that are alkaline forming like green vegetables, parsley, spinach, etc.

#6 – Now there are many more mistakes, but I wanted to highlight this one because it’s so important and we’ve been so mislead. STOP CUTTING OUT FAT. The media and the food industry have told you fats are bad and wrong, but honestly – cutting out the healthy fats in your diet will make your testosterone plummet. You’re going to feel like less of a man, your libido will disappear, and may make your joints feel weak and painful. So make sure you get plenty of healthy fats into your diet, don’t always buy low-fat foods, and indulge in some of those fattier meats like salmon, fish, and beef.

Alright guys, make sure you subscribe to the channel for more great information on building the best body you can at any age, nutrition, health, and other various topics. Give me a few more recommendations on the comments below to let me know what you do to slow down the aging process and keep yourself feeling great!

Have a great day!

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