EPIC PULL-UP BATTLE: The Crossfit Pull-up Queen vs. Henry Tran

EPIC PULL-UP BATTLE: The Crossfit Pull-up Queen vs. Henry Tran



How Henry Tran got his abs:

What’s going on, guys! It’s referee Jonny Catazano here with Six Pack Shortcuts. Today we have a challenge at Six Pack Shortcuts Headquarters between two of our trainers to see who can be dubbed the King or Queen of the official Six Pack Shortcuts Pull-Up Challenge.

Before we tip-off, here are the rules for the challenge:

-Strict pull-ups only
-No kipping – using your core in a “push-press” motion to use momentum to get up and over the bar
-No swaying of the body
-The chin must reach above the bar for the rep to count

Pre-challenge predictions: Ashley is yoked, guys…I’m worried for my boy Henry to be honest. Did I forget to mention…Winner gets to sign their name and forever be immortalized on the Clark Shao Memorial Gym wall…Loser has to go do lunges around the ENTIRE Six Pack Shortcuts Headquarters.

Each competitor has one minute to do as many pull-ups as they can. Remember, if their chin doesn’t go up and past the bar, the rep does not count. Let’s get started:

1:45 – Henry

2:55 – Ashley

After reviewing the competitor’s 1-minute session and judging all reps to pass Six Pack Shortcuts regulations, the winner is… Ashley Lowery. She’s earned the right to sign the wall and forever be known on this day as the Six Pack Shortcuts Pull-Up Challenge Queen.

That also means Henry will be getting a nice leg workout now since he’ll be doing lunges around the whole building. Sorry brother, but if you ain’t first your last…Now get stepping!

So we at Six Pack Shortcuts think that everyone should have a chance at redeeming themselves, so in the comments below make sure to let us know what the next head-to-head challenge we should do. Don’t forget to: like, share, and subscribe to the Six Pack Shortcuts channel.

See Y’all Next Time,

-Jonny Catazano

P.S. Do you want an instant replay or want to get a second opinion of who took the win in today’s Six Pack Shortcuts Pull-Up Challenge, make sure to like and share the video here:

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