Top 3 Ripped Body Exercises – Six Pack Shortcuts

Top 3 Ripped Body Exercises – Six Pack Shortcuts



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Mike Chang here, today I’m going to tell you about the top three ripped body exercises to burn off your stubborn belly fat. Today’s video will maximize the fat burning process in all your workouts and get you lean a whole lot faster.

Press play, and lets rock.

Video Breakdown:

Make sure you are doing the three most important resistance training exercises. The bench press, squat, and dead-lift are the most basic yet effective exercises in any resistance training routine.

These three exercises are design not only to build explosive strength, they also burn the most calories durning your workouts. Speaking of calorie burn, these exercises will also produce the highest Afterburn Effect. What will the Afterburn Effect do for you? It will burn tons of calories for 48 hours even after your workout is completed.

When performing these exercises, make sure to always use very strict form. Always have a spotter, and make sure you are 100% focused.

Hope you enjoyed the video, and let us know which one of these 3 exercises is your favorite.

And if you want to burn off your belly fat FAST, check out this video:

If you are serious about getting rid of your stubborn belly fat and get six pack abs. I recommend using “Afterburn Training.” Afterburn Training is my patented style of training that combines heavy, compound lifts with high intensity cardio.

I made a free video giving the scientific proof for why Afterburn Training gets you abs faster than any other way, and showing you exactly how you can use it in your workout. Check it out here:

Train hard

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