How TEENS Can Get In Killer Shape

How TEENS Can Get In Killer Shape



Teens: Build muscle and get ripped:

Are you a teenager, and you’re interested in building muscle, burning fat, and getting in shape? Then check out this video…in here, I answer some of the most common questions from the teens in our community and give some tips for teenagers to get a ripped body and six pack abs, while staying safe.

I talk about:

— How old should you be before you start lifting weights? (the answer to this one might surprise you.)

— Does lifting weights stunt your growth?

— The best exercises for teens to safely build muscle and burn fat.

— Why your exercise FORM is critical for teens — I’ll explain why it will help you tremendously to have your form down before you attempt to lift heavy weight.

— How you can lay the foundation having a great body your entire life when you’re a teen.

— Safe and effective strategies for teenagers to gain muscle.

Hopefully this video can help a lot of teens get started exercising the RIGHT way. And if you’re a teen and you want to start working out, I encourage you to get started today!

You can get started in minutes, with videos I’ve posted here for free on YouTube. Here are two workouts you can do at home in less than 10 minutes, that require no equipment:


9 min cardio:

Try these out, and start getting results! And once you have, I encourage you to take it to the next level by becoming one of my Six Pack Shortcuts VIP clients.

You’ll get access to my full system for getting a ripped body and six pack abs, including full workout videos, a full nutrition course, and in-depth fitness advice videos. And — I also include unlimited 1-on-1 email coaching with me and the trainers on my team to everyone who signs up. That means that we can work with you to customize your program for your unique body and living situation, which is key for many of our teen clients.

Check it out here:

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How TEENS Can Get In Killer Shape