Could Bodybuilding Be Making You Fat?

Could Bodybuilding Be Making You Fat?



1 tip to build lean muscle:

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So in this video, we’re going to talk about how following a bodybuilding routine & having a bodybuilding mentality can actually make you fat.
Sounds weird, well watch the video and and get some quick tips on how you can do the sport you love and avoid the “FAT”.

Watch the video and get the solution now.


00:51 // Learn how to avoid getting stuck in the bulking phase.

The goal of bodybuilders is to put on as much muscle as possible.
Which puts them in the Bulking Phase, a phase most people never get out of.

#1 Mistake 01:25

You are under the impression that you must eat 6 meals a day religiously no matter if you are hungry or not. This mistake is the number 1 reason why there are so many fat bulky guys out there.

#2 Mistake 01:44

You constantly eat and make sure you never go hungry because you fear that if you do, your body is going into a “Catabolic State”. Catabolic state is where your body burns off muscle for energy.

#3 Mistake 02:08
Taking in too much supplements such as the pre-workouts, post-workouts carbohydrates, during workouts drinks, post-workout shakes and mass gainer supplements will definitely put on some extra weight. Too much of anything is not always a good thing.

Solutions: 02:34

03:49: Avoid Little man syndrome and dont compare yourself to the pros. Many guys try to diet and stay lean, but end up just bulking up again. The reason for this is because we are always trying to get our body parts bigger, and when we come to the realization that with leaning down we are actually getting smaller we get freaked out.

What you must do is not worry about being smaller and realize that you are training to look better. Again, do not compare yourself with the pro bodybuilders.

05:52 You really don’t have to eat massive amounts of food, you only really have to eat when your hungry. A lot of us make the mistake of eating just to satisfy our mental hunger. What I mean is that, some times after a big leg workout and I’m feeling sore all over. I tend to eat more thinking that my body needs it and that it’s only going to be used to heal my body. This is totally not true. Eating all this extra food will only make you fat.

06:30 Make sure you are not drinking mass gainers and protein shakes allow with regular meals. Some of the supplements are actually meal replacements and if you are eat ing drinking supplements, it’s like eating 2 or 3 meals at once.

07:27 Stay at a lower bodyfat level by dropping some weight, you will look better and actually bigger. Another huge tip is that at around 10% body fat you are able to grow the most amount of muscle. Body fat surronds the muscles in the body, and with high body fat, it restricts your muscles from growing.

So be cautious with your eating when it come to a bodybuilding lifestyle. One advice that I was told by a pro builder was to always maintain a six pack even when im trying to bulk up. Use my six pack as a metric system to guide my limits, and when I’m noticing that my abs are fading, it’s time to stop the bulking cycle.

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