Do “Mass Gainers” Make You FAT?

Do “Mass Gainers” Make You FAT?



Hardgainers: Do NOT go to the gym until you watch this free video!

Hey Guys!

In todays episode I am going to talk you ya’ll skinny guys who just cant seem to put on size no matter what you do!

I know this can be frustrating, and thats why im giving you guys some meal alternatives like weight gainers or meal replacement shakes to really put on lean muscle fast!

The most important thing to remember while on a weight gainer diet is to…. TRAIN HARD! If you are not working out with a scheduled and regimented routine you are just going to be storing tons of excess calories making you fat instead of ripped!

Now once you start to pack on your extra muscle, switch over to getting all of your calories and nutrients from REAL foods. First of all your body is way more receptive to receiving its nutrients in this form opposed to concentrated supplements, but also I know you will enjoy your life way more meal to meal…. rather than shake to shake.

So here are the two major point I hope you take away from this video…

*Pack on the calories in any way possible!


So thats it guys! But before you go check out this crazy video:

I give you some tips from my Zero Willpower Eating System – the nutrition program I use personally to stay in shape. I show you why I think the key to a great diet isn’t counting calories, taking supplements…and that it really doesn’t have anything to do with which foods you’re eating.

What I found worked for me was cooking all my meals in a really “weird” way. My friends think I’m crazy, but I found it really helps me to build muscle while keeping six pack abs year round.

I show you my “weird” way of cooking meals in this free video:


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