Psychotic Ripped Body Workout — Can You Handle It?

Psychotic Ripped Body Workout — Can You Handle It?



Get ripped faster than you ever thought possible:

Hey man – Welcome to your final day of launch week…

Can you believe it… tomorrow is the official launch date of SPS2… And if you haven’t been with us for launch week, there have been some killer giveaways all week long.

For the last couple of days, we gave away
*FREE T-shirts to 100 guys
*FREE Leptin Shred to 100 guys
*FREE Test Reload to 100 guys…

Now if you’ve missed our first 4 days of launch week giveaways, don’t worry…

Because we saved the BEST prize for last.

For those who enter in today, I will be selecting just 50 lucky guys to receive 1 of each of the gifts that we gave away this past week.

So that means, 50 guys will be getting a full month supply of afterburn aminos, test reload, SPS shirt swag and… unlimited access to the all new Six Pack Shortcuts 2 training program for FREE!!!

This is the grand prize, guys.

So click this link now and enter in your name and email:

Because at the 24 hour mark from this video post, I am going to be choosing just 50 lucky guys from the entry page to win this six pack stack! Do not miss this.

So, now that we’ve reached the final day of launch week, you should have a pretty good idea of how our new 3-step system works.

Step 1 is to burn off your belly fat using Afterburn training. Next, in step 2, we address supporting your leptin hormone by avoiding calorie restrictions and adding in thermogenic training. And finally in step 3, you’ll be upping your testosterone with compound resistance techniques.

So for today, I want to highlight a huge upgrade to the new program called the “Advanced Training Day” option.

During each step or phase, I’ve designed some intense gym training workouts that are designed to maximize your lean muscle growth.

Since all of our workouts in SPS2 don’t require weights or equipment, I thought it was necessary to include an optional training day so that guys looking to really challenge themselves can do so!

These advanced workouts use “tempo training” or pause reps, to create serious development to your muscle. The workouts also contain exercises that are functional, and that require a bit more technique – which we’ll demonstrate here in just a minute.

And like I said, the advanced training days in SPS 2 are optional.

It’s a bonus we added into the new SPS program.

So now, let’s get into a demo of what an advanced training day looks like from Six Pack Shortcuts 2.


Today’s workout calls for 5 functional moves: barbell front squat presses, dumbbell swings, medicine ball slams, pike push-ups, and dumbbell deadlift rows. For each move, we are going to do 10 reps and we’ll be taking no more than 30 seconds of rest between exercises.

But here’s the twist, we are going to add tempo training to the mix.

For the first rep of each exercise, we are going to hold the contraction for 10 straight seconds.

Now, for you guys at home watching, to complete the FULL Workout… perform this entire circuit 3 times total.

And if you are looking to get into great shape, and you’re not sure what to do… The first and foremost thing you need to do is make sure that you’re supporting your body’s hormone system.

Our hormones control literally every aspect of how our body burns fat and how it builds muscle.

And that’s exactly what our new program is designed to do.

And speaking of which… Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is officially releasing TOMORROW, guys.

By entering on our website today, you’ll have a shot at winning one of each of the gifts I just mentioned PLUS free unlimited access to the all new SPS hormone training program.

Just click this link to register now:

Give us your name and email address, and at the 24 hour mark of this video being released, we will randomly choose 50 guys from the entry site to receive the grand prize…

A 1 month supply of Test Reload, Leptin Shred, a SPS training shirt and best of all, lifetime access to SPS 2, completely free of charge.

And after the 24 hours is up, we will be shooting an email out to the lucky VIP’s we choose, so keep your inbox refreshed and be on the lookout.

Now, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for sharing the past 6 years with us. It’s been an honor to help so many guys finally get the body’s that they can be proud of. But now, with our upgraded workout system, I know that things are going to get even more exciting… I can’t wait for you guys to try our new workouts. Six Pack Abs have never been this easy…

So stick around guys, tomorrow, a new chapter of fitness will begin!

See you tomorrow for the official Six Pack Shortcuts 2 launch!

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