New Year’s Giveaway!

New Year’s Giveaway!



1 “weird” tip to lose fat:

** To enter the contest, leave a comment or video response below telling me why YOU deserve to win a free copy of Insane Home Fat Loss! I’ll pick the five I think are the best reasons and send you free username and password to access the course in a YouTube message.

Leave a comment or video response NOW to win! **

Hey y’all…happy New Year!

Thank you for making 2011 amazing for our community. Lots of guys and girls lost fat, gained muscle, and got in killer shape using our workouts last year…and we want to make 2012 even BETTER!

Lots of you have told me in the messages or in the comments that your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape. And I’m really grateful for the support that you’ve given me over the past year…so I’ve decided to put together a week of AWESOME FREE STUFF to help you succeed with your New Year’s resolutions.

On WEDNESDAY I’ll be releasing a free mini-ebook I wrote teaching you the five BIGGEST reasons why people fail in their new year’s resolutions to lose weight…and how to avoid each one so that your New Year’s resolution is successful.

On THURSDAY I’ll be releasing a video I filmed with Dan showing you our three biggest fat loss “shortcuts.” These are basically REAL, PROVEN techniques to lose fat faster that we use — and I think they’ll really give you an edge if you want to lose your belly fat in 2012.

On FRIDAY, I’ll be releasing a ten minute fat loss workout from Insane Home Fat loss, my new home workout course. This workout has really helped me to stay lean over the past year, and I think it’ll really help you out too.

And on SUNDAY…I’m going to making my new home workout course, Insane Home Fat Loss, open for signups for the first time. And they’ll be a HUGE discount and free bonuses that ONLY my YouTube subscribers will get.

And TODAY…I’m giving away five FREE copies of Insane Home Fat Loss! Here’s how you can win:

1. Leave a comment below telling me why YOU think you deserve a free copy of Insane Home Fat Loss more than anyone else.

2. For the best chance to win, tell me SPECIFICALLY how you think Insane Home Fat Loss is going to help you lose fat in 2012. If you’ve done our workouts in the past and got results, include those as well for bonus points.

3. For the best chance to win, make a VIDEO RESPONSE telling me why you want to win! If you have a webcam it’s super easy, and you can record and upload it in minutes.

And that’s it! Leave your comment or video response below now to enter the contest. I’ll be very active in the comments over the next few days, and I’ll personally read EVERY response. And I’ll be announcing the winners on Wednesday! Until then…

Train hard,


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New Year’s Giveaway!