How He Lost 80 lbs. Of Fat

How He Lost 80 lbs. Of Fat



The workout & nutrition program Dominic used:

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Today we’re going to hear the inspiring story of how Dominic lost over 80 lbs. of fat. Dominic has been a client of mine for years, and it’s been truly amazing to watch him transform from being overweight to being in the great shape he’s in today.

Just a few years ago, Dominic was 260 lbs and very overweight. And he was frustrated because it seemed hard for him to stick to any workout program or diet plan long enough to make progress.

Today, Dominic weighs in at a lean 180 lbs and his life is totally different. He’s totally transformed his body in a way that most people only dream of…and he’s still getting in BETTER shape each month!

In this video Dominic tells you how he did it, and shared his #1 key to changing his body like this. Make sure you learn this key, and implement it in your own daily eating because it’s incredibly important for losing fat and getting lean.

And if you want the same workout and eating system Dominic used to get in shape, watch this free video now:

In that video I show you why 95% of people who try and lose fat FAIL…and end up gaining more fat than they started with. I also show you 1 weird diet trick you can use to make sure that you don’t end up like these people.

Once you’re using that same weird “trick” Dominic’s using to make healthy eating easy, you’ll find it’s way easier to lose your belly fat and get abs. This video reveals Dominic’s eating trick:

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PS — Dominic wants to share his story with as many people as possible so he is asking you to share this video on your Facebook timeline. If this video inspired or helped you, say “thank you” to Dominic by posting this link on your Facebook now:

FTC LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Dominic’s story is real – he’s a real client of my who transformed his body and lost 80 lbs. of fat by using Afterburn Training combined with the Zero Willpower Eating System. His story is incredibly inspiring, which is why I shared it with you today. However, his results should NOT be considered typical or average results.

In order to transform his body like this, Dominic had to consistently follow an Afterburn Training routine combined with the Zero Willpower Eating System. You should only expect to see Dominic’s results if you have his extraordinary work ethic and consistency, and if you immediately implement all of my advice just like he did.

Most people never do any work when they start a new workout program…they just follow it for a few weeks and give up. Thus, why Dominic’s results aren’t typical 😉

So use Dominic’s story for inspiration, and learn from what he did. But realize you can’t just transform your body like Dominic did by using the half-assed work ethic the “average” person uses when trying to lose fat.

You can make amazing transformations in your body using Afterburn Training and the Zero Willpower Eating System…but only if you CONSISTENTLY FOLLOW THE SYSTEM, WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT.

I know that’s common sense to most of you…but I just want to make sure everyone knows what it’s going to take to get in shape 🙂

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