Burn More Fat From Your Workouts – Here’s How

Burn More Fat From Your Workouts – Here’s How



1 odd trick to lose fat:

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Want to know how to cut down time in your workout, burn more fat, become stronger and more muscular all at the same time?

Well I’ve got what you need!

In this video we’re going discuss some of the reason why your not seeing the results you deserve and find the perfect solution for them.

Watch Hard and Train Hard.

Video Breakdown:

If you are working out and your are not sweating, you are probably training with low intensity.

Some of the reason why we lack intensity is because we might be using too much machine movements. Machines are much easier to use than freeweights, and many of time we find our self doing what is easy and not what we need to do.

Another couple of reasons are that we are resting too long and even using weights that are too light to cause us to physically change.

To Really avoid low intensity workouts, you’ve got to involve more free weight in to your program, focus and eliminate any distractions and most importantly use the right amount of weight. So put away your cell phone and make sure your not using a weight you could do 20 plus times.

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And if you’re sick of having belly fat and you want to lose it FAST, watch this video now:

In there I show you one “strange” workout trick that I use to burn more fat called the Afterburn effect. The way that it works is that it allows me to burn lots of calories for up to 48 hours AFTER my workout is over. The reason why I like it so much is that it allows me to build muscle while also staying lean and ripped.

Could Afterburn Training be the “shortcut” to losing your belly fat you’ve been searching for? Watch this video and find out for yourself!

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