Top 3 Fat Loss SHORTCUTS

Top 3 Fat Loss SHORTCUTS



Lose Belly Fat At Home:

How y’all doing today sixpackshortcutters?

In today’s episode of the NEW YEAR’S GIVEAWAY, Dan and I are going to share our best 3 best fat loss SHORTCUTSt. These 3 fat loss shortcuts have really helped us lose a lot of fat over the past year, so I’m real excited to be sharing them with you.

And as Dan said in the video…a lot of people have misinterpreted what we mean by “shortcuts” in the past. When we talk about this, we don’t mean that there is a magical way to get in shape without working out and eating right. Of course, to lose fat you have to put in the work — both in the gym and in the kitchen.

BUT — there are many ways to do the work in a SMARTER way, so that you get more results in less time. This is what we mean by “fat loss shortcuts” — and we’re excited to share these ways to get faster results in this episode.

Check out the video to learn how to:

** USE OPTICAL ILLUSIONS TO LOOK RIPPED — I show the tricks of body proportion that I use to look leaner than I actually am. I also give exercises that both men and women can use to develop their body proportions to appear leaner and more toned.

** DOUBLE YOUR FAT BURNING FROM CARDIO — It’s shockingly simple once you realize it…but 98% of people doing cardio don’t do it!

** HOW GOING TO THE GYM MAKES YOU FAT — Not knocking the gym by the way…I go there for about half my workouts myself. But I’ll show you why having a good HOME WORKOUT for when you can’t make it to the gym is the ultimate fat loss shortcut. And, I’ll give you some bodyweight exercises you can use to start getting in shape at home with no equipment.

Check that video out now, and leave me your thoughts in the comments! I hope these fat loss shortcuts help you, and that you’re able to lose fat by using them.

Train hard…and train SMART!


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Top 3 Fat Loss SHORTCUTS