Massive Bowling Ball Shoulder Workout

Massive Bowling Ball Shoulder Workout



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I’m in Orlando right now, filming a TV segment with the Daily Buzz! I’m super excited for this, and I think it’s going to be a great way to get more people started working out and eating right. I’ll let you know how it goes, and hopefully I’ll have some clips of the show I can post for you guys.

I’m having a blast in Orlando, but I didn’t forget about y’all when I was here! Here’s a shoulder workout I do in my apartment when I really want to bring out my deltoids. This is a great shoulder workout for men to get the V-shaped body that women love. And when you’ve got massive shoulders from doing shoulder workouts like this…you’ll look MUCH bigger when you are wearing a shirt as well.

Here’s how this shoulder workout is done:

DUMBBELL MILITARY PRESS – 4 DROP-SETS: Just like a regular military press, but with dumbbells. Try to arch your back and bend your legs as little as possible to really isolate your shoulders. This is one of my favorite shoulder exercises because it not only builds your shoulders, but also your triceps and upper chest.

UPRIGHT ROW – 4 DROP SETS: Hold the dumbbells in front of you, and row them upwards towards you head. Try to avoid SWINGING the weight up with your back — stand as straight as possible, and move the weight upwards with your shoulders. I didn’t have any lighter dumbbells, but as I said in the video usually I will use a lighter weight than this and use my back less when doing this.

BENT OVER SIDE LATERAL – 4 DROP SETS: Turn the dumbbells OUTWARDS to hit the back of your shoulders. Keep your legs as straight as possible, and bend at the waist — don’t round your back. You should feel a STRETCH in your hamstrings in this bent over position. You’ll be very tired at this point…but again, try to isolate your shoulders as much as possible and avoid excess swinging the weight with your back.

HOW TO DO DROP-SETS: To do the drop-sets, do a set of 12, then rest 8 seconds. Then IMMEDIATELY start on your next set. Aim for sets of 12-8-6-4, but it’s OK if you do a few more or less reps than this. Just do as many as you can on each drop, and you’ll be good. The most important key to drop-sets is that you start on the next set IMMEDIATELY after the 8 seconds are up. It is tempting to rest more, but don’t do it! Your drop-sets will be much more effective if you’re strict with your rest.

HOW BEGINNERS DO THIS SHOULDER WORKOUT: Do four drop-sets of each exercise like I showed, this equals one round. After the round rest as much as you need to in order to feel fully recovered, then do one more round.

HOW ADVANCED GUYS DO THIS SHOULDER WORKOUT: Just like beginners, except do FOUR rounds. You will really be feeling your shoulders after this!

And that’s it! This is one of my favorite shoulder workouts, and I hope you liked it too.

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See y’all later! I’m off to enjoy my time in Florida…maybe I’ll go to Disney World! I’ll be back Monday though with another killer workout video, so stay tuned!

Train hard,


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