INSANE Home Fat Loss Workout

INSANE Home Fat Loss Workout



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Hey sixpackshortcutters!

Dan, Virginia and I are going to demonstrate the full day 6 workout of Insane Home Fat Loss.

This high intensity training session is not your typical cardio workout. It’s not only going to burn tons of fat calories now, burn keeps your body burning fat long after you workout.

You’ll start seeing your abs flatten down and entire body tone up in no time. And the great thing is this workout can be done anywhere and requires no equipment, all you’ll need is a workout towel.

Routine breakdown

-Jumping jack
-High knees

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and 15 seconds rest in between. Do all the exercises 3 times to complete the entire workout.

**Begin workout

-Alternating Push ups
-Standing towel pull up
-In and out push ups
-bent over towel raises
-Half burpee pushup
-Floor swimmers
-Towel snatches

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Train hard,

Mike Chang

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INSANE Home Fat Loss Workout