Clark Bartram DESTROYS The Frog Haters & Shows A Killer Frog Workout

Clark Bartram DESTROYS The Frog Haters & Shows A Killer Frog Workout



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Hey guys, I’m Clark Bartram and I’m here today with the lead trainer of Abs After 40, Mark Mcilyar.

I’ve also got Roger here with me, and we’re going to show you the next big thing in fitness – The Frog.

We’re going to do 4 core movements – the Leaper, the Superman, the Core Killer, and the Mojo.

Normally, more weight is more difficult – but with the frog, we put a lot more focus on the core – and so heavier is actually easier because we will use more core power rather than our limbs.

Here’s the base movement: FHE – Full horizontal extension. Just placing the feet on the foot pads and hands on the bar with the wheels locked, I will push out horizontally.

From here, I’ll do the Supermans. Activating my lower body and keeping it locked, I’m just going to do shoulder presses essentially.

After that, I’ll do an overhead squat – so just the opposite. Keeping the arms locked over the head, we’re bringing the knees all the way up.

For the Core Killer – You’ll keep your arms and legs mostly straight but let your hips bend and you’ll really feel how tough this is in your core to control this movement. Allow the pad to touch the back bar when going into the contraction of this movement.

Lastly – the Mojo is combining the first two, allowing your knees to bend toward your elbows and your elbows to come down near your knees, and then press everything back out straight.

Interestingly enough, the Pittsburgh Steelers and other NFL teams have been purchasing and using these for their power training – They actually have bought 12 so far! Although it’s unconventional and unusual, the benefits of this unique style of training have been undeniable.

They’ve done this because as an athlete, they want to get better. And how do we get better? We have to identify our weaknesses and improve them, and that’s exactly what happens when people first start trying the Frog.

So I hope you enjoy checking out how the frog works and how it trains all parts of your fitness – cardiovascular, strength, and stabilization – and how it could benefit you! If you want to see more, go here:

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Clark, Mark, & Roger

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