Chest Workout For Beginners — With “Workout Buddies” Star Chris Encarnacion

Chest Workout For Beginners — With “Workout Buddies” Star Chris Encarnacion



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Hey guys,

It’s Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts and I wanna show you a little bit about something I do called “Platinum Coaching” and I’ve got one of my clients here, Chris.

So I wanted to give you a quick rundown and history on what’s going on with Chris. He works here at SPS and approached me asking to get involved with platinum coaching so I’ll let him tell you a little bit of his story.

Chris: I used to always work out, eat right, but life got in the way… Got married, work at a desk, had a few kids… So things kinda ended. So I asked Jonny for his help with the diet/nutrition and the exercises… and I’m 1 month in, lost 10 pounds of fat, and possibly gained about 2 lbs of muscle.

Jonny: So I actually have my guys send in videos of themselves working out so I can make sure your form looks good and you’re doing the exercises right. I might even send back a video of myself doing it so you can make sure you’re doing exactly what I’m trying to show you. That’s just a portion of the platinum coaching, and like Chris said – we do a lot more than just that, including planning out your entire diet and nutrition and workouts.

Right now you can see we’re working on some chest flyes and that’s our first exercise today. Usually people finish up with them, but we’re using them to start out today to just get the muscle contracting and blood flowing to the chest.

The reason I’m having Chris work out his chest is because when we’ve burned all his excess fat off, we want to make sure he’s got some nice muscle definition to show off and he won’t have to start from zero.

6:08 – Our second movement today is the incline dumbbell bench press for 4 sets of 10 reps. If you want a better upper chest, make sure to keep the incline of your bench lower because when it’s higher, you’ll start working on your delts more than your chest.

11:40 – Third movement of this workout is Flat bench. We’re still keeping it basic and sticking to the fundamentals here. 4 sets of 10 again. Make sure you grab the bar and wrap your thumbs to avoid injury.

14:56 – Our last exercises today are gonna be what I call a “cluster set” which is 3 exercises in a row without any rest, 10 reps, one set. The first exercise will be neutral grip, flat bench press. You’ll have your palms facing each other. Then, we’ll go straight into 10 flat dumbbell flyes. Lastly, my special chest builder – the two plate press. You’re just gonna take two small plates into your hands, press them together flat in front of your chest like you’re bowing, and then push them straight out away from your chest, with a slight incline.

So needless to say I’m pretty proud of this guy. He asks lots of questions, makes sure he’s doing the right thing to stay on track, and gives it his everything when he’s working out.

It works out perfectly because I’m educating him, and he’s learning along the way so that when his transformation is over, he knows everything he needs to continue this lifestyle and stay fit, lean, and healthy.

So we’ll continue to update you guys on Chris’ progress, thanks for sticking around y’all, and if you want to get involved with my program – send us a message through facebook, instagram, email, however you can and we will reach out to you personally to get you started on your own transformation.

You can even send an email to me personally at

Until then, keep it locked in here at Six Pack Shortcuts – make sure you subscribe, and share this workout with your friends!:

Peace, Jonny & Chris

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