Arnold’s Massive Trap Training Techniques

Arnold’s Massive Trap Training Techniques



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Hey guys, it’s Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts and today we’re going to hit our traps like Arnold did – because we all know Arnold has some pretty incredible traps… And that’s because he had some very creative ways to train them instead of doing just standard, plain old shrugs like most guys do…

So today I am going to take you through an Arnold-approved trap routine that will surely leave your traps stiff tomorrow…

Workout Breakdown (Do 10 reps for each exercise, 3 sets, minimal rest):

Dumbbell Shrugs: Standing up straight holding a dumbbell in each hand, retract your shoulder blades (pull your shoulders back) and lift the chest. This is the proper starting position for standing dumbbell shrugs. Bring the shoulders straight up to your ears without rolling backward or forward. You should feel a tight contraction in your traps to complete this movement.

Dumbbell Upright Rows: On upright rows, a closer-than-shoulder-width grip helps involve the traps more, as it brings the elbows higher at the top. Trust me, do these and your traps will be stiff and sore the next day — and you’ll know firsthand that great traps come from more than just a shrug or two.

Behind the Back Shrugs: This move is great for adding density from the back side of the traps – Looking straight up while performing this exercise may help you maintain upright posture while maximally contracting your traps.

First Set
2:03 – Dumbbell Shrugs
2:53 – Dumbbell Upright Rows
5:03 – Behind the Back Shrugs
Second Set
5:58 – Dumbbell Shrugs
6:39 – Dumbbell Upright Rows
7:26 – Behind the Back Shrugs

Alright guys – I hope you enjoy this trap routine to get you a massive upper back like Arnold. Stick around and check out some of our other videos, or head on over to for a workout program to get you ripped six pack abs and all over muscle gain.


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