Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight & Fat Loss, Blood Sugar, & Detoxing

Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight & Fat Loss, Blood Sugar, & Detoxing



Scientifically proven steps to getting ripped now:

Hey guys, it’s Jonny!

Today I want to bring you up to speed on this common household product that can not only benefit your health, but help you lose fat! It’s been used for centuries for various cooking purposes… and it also comes in very handy for remedies to all sorts of health problems – it’s even got plenty of scientific research behind it showing proof of these things.

So you might be wondering “How exactly does this apply to me, and how will it help my health and fat loss?”

Well, here are the top 4 reasons to drink apple cider vinegar:

0:51 #1 – Appetite Suppression – Vinegar itself (and apple cider vinegar) contains acetic acid, which is a nutrient that makes your body feel fuller. In a 2005 study in the European Journal for clinical nutrition, participants either ate bread, or ate bread and drank some apple cider vinegar. All the participants who ate the bread WITH the apple cider vinegar felt fuller because of the effects of the acetic acid.

1:30 #2 – Help Maintain Blood Sugar Levels: Apple cider vinegar helps prevent spikes in blood sugar content, which is one of the main reasons for weight/fat gain. Surprisingly, these spikes in blood sugar can often stimulate your appetite, causing you to feel hungrier and want to eat more bad foods. Preventing these spikes and keeping a more constant blood sugar level is going to prevent you from these cravings – helping you stay on your meal plan much better.

In that study I mentioned earlier, the researchers also monitored the blood sugar content of these individuals that were given the bread & apple cider vinegar. The participants with the ACV had significantly lower blood glucose levels after that meal than their counterparts – so basically there was no major spike in their blood glucose which is typical after a high carb meal, like bread.

Furthermore, those who ingested the apple cider vinegar even felt these effects up to 90 minutes after the meal – so they kept their blood glucose more constant for a longer duration than those who didn’t drink the vinegar.

2:42 #3 – Prevent Fat Accumulation – So, apple cider vinegar actually stimulates your metabolism and helps you burn more fat faster due to lots of organic acids and enzymes that help your digestion and in turn, your metabolism – thus, burning more fat.

2:58 #4 – Full body detoxification – When you help your body remove toxic compounds that are frequently found in many of our processed foods today, your metabolism performs better… As well as your digestion and bowel movements.

Having healthy digestive processes is tremendous in controlling the way you look: Often we have constant bloating that makes you look much bigger and rounder than you really are.

So take advantage of these benefits of apple cider vinegar and the tremendous health and nutrition applications by having around 2-3 tablespoons per day in your regular diet. You can do this in a ton of different ways…

Make a drink out of it by diluting with water and adding some sweetener, you can cook with it, add it to salad, put it in your soups… The list goes on. Give it a try to boost your fat burning and weight loss!

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