5 Minute US Marine Combat Workout – Sweat For Our Heroic Veterans

5 Minute US Marine Combat Workout – Sweat For Our Heroic Veterans



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I’m Mark Mcilyar, and I wanted to remind everyone that this coming Friday is Veteran’s Day. I’ve had the pleasure of making 3 new videos with my good friend and Marine, Lieutenant Austin Sullivan of the United States Marine Corps.

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Let the workouts begin!

I’m here with two of my younger friends, Phil Quick and Austin Sullivan, and today we’re going to be doing the Combat Fitness Test.

Here’s what that entails:

1. Start off lying in a prone position on the ground (on your stomach)
2. Pop up and run 20 yards to the next position.
3. From there, get down on the ground and do a low crawl for about 10 yards, and then a high crawl for 10 yards (crawling on your stomach and then crawling on your knees)
4. Quickly walk through a series of cones that are spread 10 yards apart in a zig zag, called the serpentine course.
5. At the end, there will be a buddy there who I will grab and do a 15-yard L-Turn buddy drag, where his feet will stay on the ground – to simulate a wounded friend or comrade.
6. From there, I will pick up my friend and put him on my shoulders to do a 40 yard fireman carry back to the start position.
7. Dropping the buddy off, then you will pick up 2 30 pound ammo cans and do a 40 yard run with them.
8. Run them all the way back to the serpentine course and go through the serpentine course with the ammo cans. Drop the cans off where the buddy was originally sitting.
9. 15 yard grenade throw, followed immediately by 3 push ups.
10. Stand back up, run back through the serpentine course with ammo cans.
11. Then finally, sprint to the finish.

3:29 – Here’s my attempt: 1 minute and 37 seconds

6:15 – Philips Attempt: 1 minute and 23 seconds

We just finished the course, and now we’re going to work on our rope climbing J-hook technique and the wrap-around technique!

For the J-Hook, you’re just going to jump up and grab the rope high, and then slide one foot under the rope while the other remains on top of it. Squeeze your feet together and they will stay in that position, allowing you to push down with your feet and grab higher on the rope. The rope should be in a J position as the name suggests.

For the wrap around, you’ll wrap the rope around your leg so that it drapes over your foot. Squeeze the rope between your feet (one on top of the other) and push your body up and grab higher with your hands.

That’s about all we have for today, just showing you guys a little bit of what these marines do so you can have a stronger appreciation for our veterans. These workouts, of course, are just the tiniest bit of hard work they put in, but hopefully we can show you more in the next few days. Stick around, subscribe, and stay tuned for the next two days of videos we have coming for y’all.

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