5 Irresistible Healthy Snacks — Use These Delicious Snacks To Fight Junk Food Cravings

5 Irresistible Healthy Snacks — Use These Delicious Snacks To Fight Junk Food Cravings



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Hey, guys, it’s Jonny here today and I wanted to be able to help you guys out when you’re getting some strong cravings and you need a decent cheat meal or snack. I have 5 options here that will cure your craving while still providing the sweet (or salty) goodness that you want!

5. First on the list is an ice cream substitute because I seriously love ice cream and it’s my favorite cheat food. Arctic Zero makes a pretty great low-calorie ice cream and you can find them at most different grocery stores because their brand has grown quite a bit. It doesn’t taste exactly like regular ice cream, but they have a ton of different flavors that will still please your tastebuds … especially after dieting.

4. Protein Pudding! What I do is take whey protein powder and mix it with water or egg whites. You can also add it with sugar free pudding mix for the real deal.

3. Quest Chips – You know the company that makes the quest protein bars? Well they’ve started making protein CHIPS… And guys, these are amazing. The whole bag is only 120 calories and it’s primarily protein and they have a good variety of flavors too.

2. Cucumber salad – So cucumbers are about 98% water, so you can eat a ton of them and the calories don’t really add up – especially since it’s mostly water and insoluble fiber. I chop up a bunch of cucumbers, maybe add some onions, tomatoes, or zucchini… Then add some light vinegar, season it up, mix it, and eat it like a salad. It’s amazing, so delicious, and really good for you.

1. Miracle noodles! This is my number 1 because these noodles have ZERO calories. This company has figured out a way to manufacture carb free, completely fiber noodles. So when you buy them (a lot of local grocery stores are starting to carry them), they’ve got a ton of different flavors and sizes. You just strain out the water, wash them off, and then cook them in a pan. I’ve noticed that whatever seasoning you have in the pan… Those noodles will completely take on that flavor. I like to make these guys into calorie free mac n cheese by adding colonel seasons nacho cheese seasoning… I swear to you it tastes just like mac n cheese except it’s completely calorie free!

Once you start eating healthier, and eliminate those bad foods you’ll be surprised at how much your cravings for those terrible foods will go away. Even though you may still have some cravings, it’ll start to be for more healthy foods and you’ll set yourself up for a positive cycle of healthier eating, which will help you drop off the fat a lot faster.

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