4 Million Subscribers — THANK YOU!

4 Million Subscribers — THANK YOU!



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What’s up guys!?

Today I’ve got a really special announcement to make as you can probably guess by this screen behind me…

Six Pack Shortcuts officially has FOUR MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.

We sincerely thank you guys so much because we wouldn’t be here without you guys. Thanks for the likes, views, comments, participation on youtube, facebook, instagram, etc.

We love having you guys reach out to us. We read your emails, see your transformation photos… and we love it. We want to continue to see that as well and keep this community of development going so please don’t hesitate to contact us, send questions in to Clark, Henry, and myself, or the SPS training team… Or give us a call!

And of course, we have to also give a huge thanks to Mike, who we couldn’t have done this without. We are definitely going to miss him while he’s on his spiritual endeavors but we are so thankful for the legacy he left us with and we hope to continue to bring you inspiring workouts to help you get ripped.

Now we have a great team of Clark, Henry, and myself, who are all certified trainers and we are here to help you guys. We’re also really stoked about moving forward with new things like Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0. It includes adjustability to fit any fitness level, plus some really great quality work on the production side to make those workout videos a little easier to get through.

Another thing I want to mention today… Here’s a chance to save some money! This discount code can be used at the Six Pack Shop – ( ) – And it will allow you to save 20% off anything in our store!

That code is gonna be SIXPACK20!

Now anyway.. I don’t think it would be proper to give you guys a video just to announce the 4 million subscribers… so of course, I’ve gotta give you some sort of workout!

Today’s workout is something Dan Rose brought to us from one of his old Jiu Jitsu trainers, DAVE GINSBERG, in Boston. If you’re in the Boston area Dave is a top notch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt!

The workout is called the M100 workout, and I’m gonna demonstrate one round for you guys, and then you can finish it up with two more rounds!

Workout Breakdown:

Squat Thrusts: Similar to a burpee…without a jump. So what you’ll do is bend down with your hands touching the floor, and then push your legs out behind you to bring yourself to a push up position. Then hop your your feet back in (together, if possible) and stand back up straight with your hands above your head.

Mountain Climbers: On your hands and knees in a push up position, you will be alternating hopping your feet from the push up position to a crunched position toward your chest, so while one foot is back, the other should be crunching upwards toward the elbows.

Squat Jumps: Just as they sound, you’ll be squatting down, and powerfully jumping up from that position. When you land, you want to try and land back into the squatting position as quickly as possible.

3:55 Squat Thrusts

4:54 Mountain Climbers

5:24 Jump Squats

Alright guys. That’s it for today – make sure you finish up the other 2 rounds with an additional set of squat thrusts to get to 100!

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Thanks for tuning in.


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